Author Topic: CIT New and Old Functionality!  (Read 27058 times)

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Re: CIT New and Old Functionality!
« Reply #40 on: October 16, 2009, 05:39:43 PM »
That was my worried and paranoid post.

There will most likely be some stats, as Nicster has listed it on his "Wish List" page.

How he plans to attack it is a mystery to me... but he is aware of the impending spammers seeing globals and other info to spam you in-game and most likely plans to handle it in a respectable manner.

Since I'm out of retirement, this was the first thing I tackled because I miss my stats. CIT will soon see a lot of missing functionality returning.
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Re: CIT New and Old Functionality!
« Reply #41 on: November 26, 2009, 04:06:17 AM »
I made the suggestion back on the old forums before the crash and subsequent merger with City Info Terminal and the rest of Titan Network. The original post is gone unless someone bothered to keep the old forum database. I found a reference to the thread "Printer Friendly Checklist" where I made my initial suggestion here: (Woah! October 2007! Was it really that long ago?)

No it was not a script (at least not to the end user, I'm sure there was some behind the scene) but a more compact version of the printable checklist. Back on the old site you could choose some of the amount of detail for the checklist (Edit: Maybe this was the script you referred to?), you could even print a checklist from the entire badge listing. What I proposed then was to actually use better categories (which later was implemented using what Red Tomax already had) but also compact the information so it would fit on one line per badge.

The point of categories is moot now that CoX implemented it themselves and Titan followed suit. Subcategories for the exploration badges could still be useful (all exploration badges for King's Row under one heading for instance). The compactation (is that a valid word :P) would also still be good.

To give you an idea what I had in mind. Consider this:

And then this...

Same information, much less screen real estate or space on paper.

What I wanted (and actually was realized if only for the entire badgelist and not to my missing badges) was a checklist with one line per badge with the neccessary information that could be fitted. I wasn't, and still isn't, interested in a checklist with only the badge name. Since I can't remember all the requirements for all the badges and I didn't want to have to alt-tab out of the game to check the website or print 40-pages worth of check list I though of the compact idea.

Since then I have added a second monitor to my rig and use windowed mode while I play so keeping the website up all the time is not that much of a hassle any more for me. But I would still welcome it if it ever was implemented for my missing badges and I'm sure someone else might find it useful too.  :)

I've done another pass on the "Shorts" version of the checklist, adding in more of the missing items.

Any feedback?