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Right in the feels
« on: June 04, 2014, 03:28:51 PM »
It was community that hit me the most....course I use to stare at the HUGE statues of Heroes throughout the city.
That was trippy. :D

I would get kids, several with health problems, family issues, talking to me. Guess I looked like a surrogate parent
or Auntie. :roll: I was stunned they would up to me, a stranger.
I saw Father/son players and even a Mother/son couple on teams.

CoH was very different. I will never see that again. where this post hit me. I too know several families who played together. And several people who had problems in the real world which they could overcome, albeit briefly, by putting on a set of digital tights.

I want our game back! I want to stand beneath Atlas and cry out for a DFB. I want to tour around Kings Row concocting stories for my dual-blade wielder with the rapier and main gouche. I want to stand on the tram platform at the north end of steel canyon and watch people chase tsu around for the costume slot. I want to go to Talos and watch people run up and down the hill all day long, or wander into The Hollows and remember the bad old days of the game when hundreds of characters were left abandoned there, and know it gets better. I want to stand on the platform on October First and just watch the first group of ToTers pile off the train, then look panickedly around for monsters because they are level 4 from Atlas Park and never came to Croatoa before and don't know where exactly to go.

I want to fire up a real city of heroes filled with real people, and see my chat box full of inane chatter and know that the people around me are having fun! Having real feels about a silly game. A game largely free of trolls and tea baggers and gold miners. I want our beloved community back, with all its events, and its foibles, and its families and random milling traffic in places like the university in SC or the trainers scattered around city hall.

and I am tired of getting punched in the feels every time I remember that... no, its not there any more, and I can't just pull on my tights and save the city and feel better.  :'(
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