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Looking for maps.
« on: April 26, 2014, 11:45:37 AM »
Hey ya'll. I wasn't sure just where this would be best to post this, so I'm putting it up in both this one and the Icon thread.

I'm planning on running a M&M3rd game using Fantasy Grounds in about a month or so, I've got a few people interested and I'm not sure if anyone here would be, but I'm basing the game on CoX. The players will be making the kinds of characters you could have made in CoX and will deal with their enemy groups from time to time (as I can find stuff on them online: pics, power descriptions, and other stuff for M&M that others might have made and shared) as well as stuff from M&M books and supplements. That being said here's the point of my post.

I am in need of maps. I have been looking all over for for free modern setting style maps, but really all I can find 99.9% of the time is dungeon this and dungeon that. I'd really like to have anything modern I can add a grid too, even if it was an empty inside of a building, but I just can't find anything good (read as, can take a grid and can be zoomed in enough to use without being a blur) or not D&D. Then I got to thinking how much cooler it would be if I could only use actual maps from CoX for my players, but I have both no idea/skill in doing that and where to start so I thought I'd ask our community. Does anyone have/can make maps of CoX locations from an top down overhead view there I could easily just add a grid on top of it? I'm mostly looking for internal stuff: Office Floors, Warehouses, that one building with fire full of Hellions or Frostfire's maps, Bank robbery maps, Pocket D, an kick ass SG base, ect. I wouldn't say no to say, and over head view of some of the smaller outside maps (thinking those old ones people used to farm from TV contact or a city area just outside a Safeguard/Mayhem mission) or even an over head view of an actual zone (not like those over head maps like on the wiki that were used for the ingame map, but something more "in-person" and more detailed, the sort of things were you can tell the buildings are separate and can see the street markings.), but I'm not expecting that, especially since the indoor locals are much more used and much more what I'm needing.

If anyone does/can I'd be very grateful if you could contact me and share them or link them here in this thread so anyone can share them. And on a side note is any one can do that sort of thing but doesn't really wanna do all that much, I wonder if you'd be willing to make like a tutorial (preferably a video kind of thing cause I learn almost exclusively by watching and doing) so I could learn to do it too. Thanks for reading and I hope this doesn't upset too many people.
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Re: Looking for maps.
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2014, 08:18:03 PM »
RPGMapshare is a great site. A lot of stuff is used in Roll20. I pity your printer through (unless you're doing it online)

Modern Maps: