Author Topic: So this Shadowrun ad came up on my Steam Feed...  (Read 1274 times)


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So this Shadowrun ad came up on my Steam Feed...
« on: March 03, 2014, 01:33:30 AM »
Take a look at this:

This ad does a couple of things that run COMPLETELY counter to what I normally expect of gaming ads.

Now firstly - FEMALE ORC in what could be powered armor and a BIG GUN right dead center front! Now that's pretty darn cool and not what you'd normally expect.

The two guys in the background are pretty non-descript, aside from adding the "punk" to the Cyberpunk meme. Nothing special there.

Directly behind the female orc is... I don't know WHAT she is. other than female, obvious cyborg, and kind of setting up and then exploding every "fan service" trope I can think of.

We've all seen female cyborgs with cyber arms, but normally the artist/designer makes them of the "sexy robot" type, if there's oversized "Gorilla with dinosaur talans" cyberarms on a character, it's always a big hulking dude.

Next - okay so we've got a bare midriff going there... or DO WE? I see lines and ports and what-all. Is that flesh or more armor? Sub-dermal?

And what's she got tied around her waist? A coat? And she's either got some of the biggest hips I've ever seen or that's even MORE armor and beefy cyberlegs.

I just like how at first glance it SEEMS like standard T&A fan service, and then you look closer... and realize whatever she is, she is FREAKING SCARY. :D

Overall just one of the more interesting images I've ever seen for a game advertisement. For that alone, Shadowrun gains a lot more cool points (not like it wasn't swimming in them already, mind you! )



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Re: So this Shadowrun ad came up on my Steam Feed...
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2014, 03:55:54 PM »
I was a little disappointed with Shadowrun Returns to be honest. I had all these big modding ideas, then when I got the Editor I was shocked by what I couldn't achieve without a huge amount of work.

However, I clicked through to Steam and this DLC does seem interesting. Save anywhere...!? That's a pretty good improvement! More (Berlin) tiles seems interesting. I may end up waiting for the Summer Sale & crossing my fingers, even though I want to see this little gem do well. I hope the team can get out some more content and pad the Editor out a bit with more functionality.

As to the art, one of the things I loved about the P&P stuff was all the little hints and clues in the material letting you know that nothing was really what it seemed. This poster seems to continue in that vein. Or is it just Decker/Samurai/Merc & ...Mage? It still remains my favourite P&P game even after all these years!