Author Topic: World of Guardians update #1  (Read 1062 times)


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World of Guardians update #1
« on: August 11, 2013, 05:04:06 PM »
we have mainly been working on building.... speaking of which we need more people for the project..... if you join this project we can divide people up into groups of 5... right now we have 9 people and we are working on getting more... if you would like to join this project go to
to work/volunteer to help out Titan Studios... btw go into the forums and there is where you can sign up... with this we're being creative, there is alot to do and we wanna make sure the city's are big.... we are also gonna be doing some top secret work on it.....  other than the buildings and how to sign up, i have been working on setting up a Texture Pack for both City of Heroes Minecraft... and World of Guardians....... and now finally.. if you wanna help and don't know how to build, or you wanna have a little more information on what we're doing, or you wanna contact me about plugin development...... send me an email at: or add me as a friend on skype which is: sorinkon and if you find a picture of a moon with eyes and a mouth with teeth and other details... that would be me.. that is all