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Titan Soft
« on: August 06, 2013, 11:26:08 PM »
Hello Everyone... i haven't kept you up to date on the COH Project... so here is what is going to happen....  everyone in the new Titan Soft organization i've created are working on our own MMORPG called World of Guardians..... Titan Soft will also be City of Heroes Minecraft's new home... World of Guardians is also in Minecraft and we are looking for more people... currently we have 6 Dev's helping the Project at this time.... to sign up if you would like go to and go to forums and where it says Staff Apps. Sign Up there for Dev or GM.... we are also keeping the City of Heroes Minecraft Project on hold until we get Titan Soft running with World of Guardians......  i also have sign up sub-forums for other things.... mainly Chat and GUI and stuff... so if you would like to lend a hand Sign up there....

Thanks All.. Sorin