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Ys Series
« on: February 25, 2013, 06:51:25 PM »
The Ys series (pronounced Ees, like Geese but without the 'g' bit at the begining if you ever wondered! It's no a plural Y or anything like that. Don't be weird.) is a series dear to my heart, and pushing awareness of the Zelda-But-Better series has been high on my agenda since I became addicted to the series and beat 1-6 and Origins in a flurry of game play excitement. Well, the SNES version of 4... the Vita version has to be better than that, even if it's on the Vita.

Trust me on that.

Anyway, one of the best games in the series, the prequel "Origin" is currently on sale on Steam, and the remake of Ys I and II recently launched too.

I got a copy for my birthday, which makes me very happy. Once I can finish up my current Skyrim craze I'll definitely be Ysing it up hardcore. That said, I had to tip people off to this sale after I got in on it!

Less sale related, but still awesomeazing is the remake of the SNES "Classic" Ys 3, Oath in Felghana. I've played both versions (not the PCEngine version - I really should...) and I have to say this version is superior while still including easter eggs.

Ys Origin
Ys I & II Chronicles+
Ys Oath in Felghana
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