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« on: February 21, 2013, 06:38:06 PM »
Digimon masters online

aeria games bought the right to an translated this game from japanese to english and spanish and has just launched it yesterday.

it is awesome if you're a digimon fan and ever if you aren't it is interesting. however there are only 4 preset characters you can change thier outfit but cannot customize hair or face parse. and clothing options seem limited.

If you decide to play it, I suggest also playing GrandFantasia as you will get free bonuses in Grandfantasia just for playing Digimon (yeah aeria is nice like that) hoever you have time limits to get the special freebie items after which they will be available for purchase.

Issues: Beware

Some folks are having connectivity problems to the game ranging from eternal loading screens to being told the game cannot connect or login. also If you have akamai netsession installed it will conflict with a digimon installation (doesn't have to be running) and cause anything from Random Disconnects from other game servers, lag and significantly delayed server responses.

they are unsure if akamai is the only conflict with it but akamai is just a net session manager anyways so it's safe to uninstall from control panel.

I have yet to test if the random disconnnect and lag and server response issues have been fixed after uninstalling akamai.
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« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2013, 05:40:11 PM »
This has actually been out in English before.  I used to play it.  It certainly wasn't originally launched yesterday - re-launched, maybe, but it's been running for a while now.  Here's the site, since Joshex didn't link it.

Personally?  I found DMO to be horrendously limited for a 'free' game.  A lot of features are basically only available through items sold in the cash shop.  The fact that these are tradeable by players doesn't help much, because people ask for exorbitant amounts of money for them.

There's also no character customization.  You can't make an entirely original player character - you're limited to choosing one of the 3 main heroes of Season 5: Data Squad - Marcus, Thomas, or Yoshino, and either Agumon, Gaomon, or Lalamon as a starter Digimon.  You're not limited to the canonical digimon of each character (you could play Yoshino with Agumon as a starter), but that's the only customization you've got.

Finally, there are a LOT of grindy mechanics in this game.  Got a digi-egg?  Congrats - now good luck getting the data to hatch it.  Oh, what's that?  It's a poor-quality egg?  Sucks to be you, go grind a better one.  What? The egg broke when you tried to fill it with data and hatch it?  Sucks to be you, go grind a replacement.  What's that, you had a cash-shop egg, and used the best-quality data to hatch it, and it still wound up having crappy potential?  HA HA HA, SUCKS TO BE YOU.

Honestly, after about two weeks of struggling with it, I figured I had better ways to spend my time.