Author Topic: Myself vs. wildcat4ever ^.^;  (Read 757 times)


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Myself vs. wildcat4ever ^.^;
« on: December 02, 2012, 03:32:35 AM »
Just a point of clarification: on the CoH forums, I logged in and posted as "Wildcat4Ever", up until the end: my final post was a reply to GEL's "farewell" post, in which I made my own goodbye statement, and in which I suggested people could find me here, and on the Twitter, and via my own website.

When I registered my accounts here, I chose to use my CoH account login name "AvatarMaker", as opposed to the public W4E ID on the NCSoft site.  I hadn't even bothered to check for availability of that name.

So, I was confused when I look at one of my recent posts, and find that I don't recognize the words -- then I realize "wait, that ain't me!"

If you're looking to find Wildcat4Ever from the CoH Forums here, start looking for AvatarMaker.  That's me.  Hi!  I think I failed to make that distinction in my CoH Forum goodbye post.

I'm NOT writing to complain, or claim "identity theft," or cry foul, against this forum's wildcat4ever.  That person is just another one of us, who just happened to choose an ID that I commonly claim for myself in many other instances.  I wouldn't bring it up if I *hadn't* used it in the CoH Forums.

Welcome aboard, wildcat4ever!