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Idea: Parody Facebook/Twitter Feeds
« on: November 03, 2012, 01:24:42 AM »
This is something that I saw a few months ago on the 'net.  Potentially, it may work wonders, but it largely depends on NCSoft's response.

A few months ago, Royal Dutch Shell was attacked by members of the environmentalist community, not through protests or illegal actions, but instead through social media.  Groups like the Yes Men and Greenpeace created fake Facebook and Twitter feeds to defame RDS by creating false threads and feeds to try and bring about their "understanding" of what was happening in the Arctic.  They've done it in the past to other groups as well, and had a fair amount of success, but it didn't work so well against Shell.

According to their lawyers, the content of the websites was parody, not a direct theft of IP, logos, or company information.  It's a bit of a grey line, but it wasn't crossed in the eyes of lawyers.

Check out the links below, where you can see what they did.