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A poem from the heart
« on: September 19, 2012, 06:29:34 PM »
I've been writing poems since this started.
And well I think this one might be worthy of sharing  ;)

A city of inspiration
A place to meet up with friiends.
Eight years of adventures
We are *far* from willing to end

As a community we have plans
With letters, from A-Z
We just want our world to live
NCsoft, *please* set us free.

A desperate group will fight
To destroy you too
Yet if you do what is right
Then we wish the *very best* for you

You wish to change focus,
Then you may walk away.
As.long as a situation arises,
Allowing our city to stay.

Is there a.hero inside you?
Or even a tiny spark of light?
This is the week of judgement
Just try to open your heart
If given two roads that lead no where good...stop using roads and carve your own path.