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« on: September 13, 2012, 12:00:35 PM »
I sure these have been covered.

Ok so we want to save COH, it be nice if NCSoft would just come around but has anyone looked at the age old Captist stratagy of "can't beat them buy them." Seriously see if we can get the numbers from NCSoft and buy the assists and IP off NCSoft. There must be some business people here. Create a Private company, fund it by the fans, who become share holders and buy it from NCSoft.

It is an idea, because I honestly believe that COH is on the Chop Block, not because it doesn't make money but because it doesn't make money in Korea. It not that kind of game that sells there well. It almost a kind of racism.

Further can we protest the NCSoft Office in Seattle, if for no other reason than more media attention. I sure all we need a city protest permit as long as you stay on city properity.

That all I got for now I have a letter to write.