Author Topic: Unified: All enhancement debuffs (Achilles', AbsAmazement, etc) apply to player.  (Read 1127 times)


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   Most or all debuff enhancements apply their effects to the player.  For example, activating the Controller 'Storm Summoning' power "Thunder Clap" when it is slotted with Absolute Amazement and including the Chance for -ToHit proc will show the -7.5% ToHit on the player stats under Total.

   I was unable to find the reason for that behavior.  I tried playing blindly in my database, setting things like Amazed's ToHit proc (specifically, editing the Main Database, Set Bonus -> Set_Bonus -> Amazed power)  to use "Power Attribute -> Adv. Attributes: Entities Autohit, Entities Affected and Targets to Foe, turning off 'Caster' for each, and even doing the same for Thunder Clap itself, and yet even after restarting Mids it still shows a toggle on Thunder Clap and when toggled will apply to the player.

   Is there any way to make that work?  I don't mind having to change options if I can find out which ones to set to do what..

   Extended problem; attempting to edit the Power Mode data through the Enhancements Editor fails to save the changes.