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Costs for Recipes from Alignment Vendors
« on: March 14, 2011, 06:49:30 AM »
I posted a question in the official forums and got a great response (here). I thought this could go into the wiki somewhere.

The gist is that not all recipes are available from alignment vendors (Hero/Villain vendors):

To quote the above reply:

Availability is based on Reward Merit cost.
-Items that cost less than 100 Reward Merits are not available for A-Merit purchase.
-Items that cost 100-199 Reward Merits cost 1 A-Merit.
-Items that cost 200-299 Reward Merits cost 2 A-Merits.
-Items that cost 300 or more Reward Merits do not exist, but would presumably follow the same pattern.
-Items that cannot be purchased with Reward Merits have a special pricing scheme (purples, PVP IOs, Respecs, costume parts, etc).

Because most uncommons cost less than 100 Reward Merits, they aren't available as A-Merit purchases. However, at least one Uncommon costs over 100 Reward Merits: The Steadfast Protection: Resist/Defense, and it is indeed available for A-Merit purchase.

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