Author Topic: Badges for the Badge hunters  (Read 3957 times)


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Badges for the Badge hunters
« on: March 11, 2011, 02:13:57 AM »
Ok, so alot of us started when badge-hunter was/is the king tool of the land. Now that many of us now use the Sentinel tracker (and don't want two trackers) there seems to be some sort of quandry. For instance, I was looking to do the Exploration badges that I for some reason have missed on my (I guess this is the new convention) Blue-side Scrapper. Being I'd taken two years off and forgotten some things like the difference between the Sewer Network and the Abandonded Sewer Network, I had also forgotten which side (red/blue) some of the zones were like Abyss, etc. If I go into the list of badges for my character and switch to 'ingame' to show the have/don't haves, there is no indicator as to whether the zone is in Paragon, Rogue Isles or Praetoria. The same goes with many of the achievement and arc based badges. While it is true that through the side-switching ingame mechanism (tips?) one can potientially do these arcs without use of the Flashback system, it is still not clear which side of the line we have to be. I just don't want to have to sit there with a notebook and re-write all these badges down and where I have to go as that's not the point of the sites and the trackers. Perhaps a sort of filter can be used for the pages?
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Re: Badges for the Badge hunters
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2011, 02:18:30 AM »
We've got some hefty revisions in the works for City Info Tracker, and one of the ones in the pipeline is limiting which badges are displayed as still available depending on whether or not you've purchased Going Rogue and if you're a Hero or Villain.

Otherwise, all badges available to Heroes are available to Villains and vice-versa if you shift your Alignment over when applicable. The only badges currently only available to characters who started in Praetoria are Moral High Ground, Resistance Member, Loyalist, Avid Reader and the Praetorian version of Patroller.