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Real World Hero charity drive
« on: November 24, 2009, 06:09:25 AM »
Hey all,

I was contacted a few days ago about a cause that I think is really worthwhile, the Real World Hero charity drive.  I offered participation by the Paragon Wiki, which has over 30,000 visitors looking at well over 2 million pages every month.  I'm really hoping that we get a lot of community support for this drive, as it's a way to show the gaming community at large just how heroic the heroes of Paragon City are.

I really hope that 2009 has been a fortunate year for our fellow gamers.  If so, please take a moment to contribute to one of the worthwhile causes sponsored by the drive.  It doesn't have to be a lot; even just a few bucks multiplied by how many cool players there are would really add up fast, cast the game in a very positive light, and most importantly of all, help out some very worthwhile causes and make real people's lives better.

Even if this year hasn't been so good--I know in this economy, it has been outright brutal to some of you out there--please help out by spreading the word in your supergroup, your coalition, your global channels, and even your "IRL" family and friends.  Just a quick "Hey, have you heard of this cool Real World Hero thing they're doing?" in a Ventrilo chat or a forum post on your supergroup site could really help get people in the spirit.

If you want more information, please see Mr. Wentworth's post on the official forums (and TheOcho's official unofficial reply :))

Thanks in advance if you can help out in any capacity, I know it really means a lot to the organizations that are being supported, and I can tell you that having such cool players is what keeps me as a loyal and dedicated City of Heroes player and community supporter.