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Tutorial 1: A New Arc
« on: October 28, 2008, 12:31:27 PM »
    Tutorial 1. A New Arc
    First, a quick explanation as to what a story arc [Arc] is on  An Arc is a simply a container for one or more Missions.  You cannot create a mission without an arc to associate it with.  An Arc can have many Missions, but a Mission can only be linked to a single Arc.

    The form for creating a new arc looks something like this (appearances may change, but the fields should stay the same).  Hopefully it's pretty obvious what each of these fields represents.
    • Name .. required - the name of your arc, keep it short although you can use up to 255 characters if you so wish!
    • Game .. required - set whether your arc is available to heroes, villains or both factions.
    • Order .. optional - use this numeric field to order your created arcs.  This is particularly useful if you are trying to tell a story over a number of different arcs and want the player to experience them in the "right" order.
    • Level Range .. optional - set a level range for your arc.  Pretty obvious what this does, at the moment I do not know whether the in-game Mission Architect will allow you to set level requirements for your mission, but am working on the premise that it'll be easier to remove this feature than add it in at a later date.
    • Team .. Optional - set a team size requirement for your arc, as above I don't know whether you'll be able to do this in the game, but assuming you can for now.

    Hopefully you'll find the form pretty straightforward.  Hit Save when you're done and the form will update...

    You can now view your arc on, or move on to the next stage of design ... Mission Editing, this is where things get interesting.  See the seperate tutorial for that (coming soon).[/list]