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MMOFury Fansite Awards
« on: September 30, 2008, 08:02:29 PM »
Straight from the Official Boards Announcement -

MMOFury Kicks Off Its Latest Top MMORPG Fansite Awards.

Palm Coast, FL (September 25, 2008) - MMOFury, Inc. is pleased to announce today that its popular MMORPG downloading site has kicked off the latest round of its Top Fansite Awards. Members of the gaming community are encouraged to nominate their favorite MMORPG related fansite by sending an email that includes the URL of fansite, and why they believe it deserves to be a Top Fansite Award winner to Nominations will be accepted until October 31st, with the winners being announced the first week of November.

Twice a year, hosts the awards event to recognize fansites that show a devotion to the gaming community and give value to online gamers. Top Fansite Awards event held at the beginning of the year was a huge success, and with the addition of its newest category (Top New Fansite) it will only get better.

Click the Link at the top of this Post to view the full Post on the Official Boards.  Last time we got some pretty good Nominations, but with all the Changes we've made to the Titan Network between then and now, we're hoping for some more.  So if you love us like we hope most of you do, please feel free to send in a Vote for your "lovable and huggable" Titan Network :P.