Author Topic: HERC is Closed.  (Read 5545 times)


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HERC is Closed.
« on: February 03, 2020, 02:19:52 PM »
HERC's activities has been cancelled for the rest of 2019-2020, and indefinitely going forward.  We are no longer planning any activities in Paragon Chat.

After the events of April 2019 until now, it's clear that the population once in Paragon Chat is not going to come back.  If the ongoing talks fail, we'll discuss a comeback based on the state of the game and what's going on.  But my inner optimist tells me that the longer things progress, the less likely this outcome is becoming.  Being afraid of the servers shutting down is sounding more and more ridiculous the longer time goes on.

All of HERC's staff have gone on to be successful in various corners of the City of Heroes universe that has returned, and I wish all of them nothing but the best.  And not the least, the players who have frequented Paragon Chat over the last few years.  Thank you for your creativity, sense of humor, and camaraderie that hopefully has continued on in other servers.

To make it clear, there will be no 16th Anniversary celebration in Paragon Chat that we'll be hosting.  Players are encouraged to go to Homecoming, Reborn, Victory, COXG, or anywhere else they call home for April 28th festivities now, and in future years.
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