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The Tunneling Pool
« on: January 06, 2020, 12:40:29 AM »


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Re: The Tunneling Pool
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There's two checks that the game needs to make in which these powers fail. 

Wrong Turn at Albuquerque -- Team Tunnel needs a 14% chance to place the player and team mates at a random exit on the same map.  Even if one is on the ground and the other is on the side of a building.  (Thanks Korbian!)

The Wile E. Coyote Effect -- At permanent SPECIFIC points on the City/Zone maps (not all of the places, and not random, it's the same spot each time), if a player uses Tunneling abilities, they fall down a vertical shaft.  If in Paragon City, they land in either Sewer Network or Oranbega.  If Rogue Isles, an Arachnos base.  All outcomes are essentially Radio Missions.

Great writeup, though.  Makes you think of the possibilities of it.
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