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Loading macros from bindfiles
« on: July 13, 2019, 12:24:46 AM »
So after I developed the big wad o' Insp conversion macros, I had to load them into all my alts. So I tried a trick I have been thinking about (and to be fair, may have seen somewhere, somewhen) - using a bind file to load the macros.

Basic idea for the advanced types: use begin_chat to load the macro definition string into chat, hit Enter. Repeat.

More 'splained version:

Create a bind loading file:

ALT+1 "beginchat /macro NAME1 emote Burp"
ALT+0 "beginchat /macro NAME0 emote Wave"

Assign a complete macro definition string to as many of the 10 number keys as you need. Obviously, this is better with long, complex macros like those in the Insp-combine set, with long macro image names and so forth.

Wake up your alt.

Load the bindfile.

Hit Alt-1, return... and macro 1 is created. Alt-2, return... macro 2. And so forth.

To clean out these definitions, use a scrubber bindfile:

ALT+1 ""
ALT+0 ""

Load that bindfile and save your bindfile to erase those entries.

There's lots of refinement to apply here, using macro_image or the macro_slot commands to enhance or direct them to the right tray right from the get-go.
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