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Update for Sentinel
« on: June 08, 2019, 01:23:27 AM »

             I was wondering if there would be an update for Sentinel?  I have some Char builds I want to Extract from the game, an Remember we use to be able to do it with Sentinel. Or is there a New Program that will allow me to do this? Thanks for any an all Replies,


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Re: Update for Sentinel
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2019, 04:07:40 AM »
Titan Sentinel will not work for any version of the game more recent than the one at the live shutdown, and will not be updated going forward. Contact your game hosts' administration teams with regards to exporting character data from their databases.


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Re: Update for Sentinel
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2019, 04:15:57 PM »
And locking this because ultimately, this has nothing to do with Paragon Chat.

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