Author Topic: SEGS v0.7.0 Released - "Awakening"  (Read 8157 times)


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SEGS v0.7.0 Released - "Awakening"
« on: May 13, 2019, 01:27:13 AM »
The Super Entity Game Server project is pleased to announce the release of the latest version, v0.7.0, named "Awakening!"
We're releasing a little late because of the events of the last month or so. And going forward, we will be releasing more frequently with smaller versions, as opposed to these bigger releases. We feel the more incremental releases will make it easier for us and doesn't make us feel like we are on a strict time crunch. But, in the mean time..

Here are the new and exciting features:
  • Tasks
  • Waypoints
  • Lua Scripting of simple mission like "hide-and-seek" and "timed races"
  • Contacts
  • Stores (test with LuaBot)
  • Clues/Souvenirs
  • Spawn Pedestrians, Cars, Blimps, Contacts, Basic Encounters (in Outbreak, Atlas Park, King's Row, Steel Canyon, Skyway City, Talos Island, Independence Port, Perez Park, Boomtown and Dark Astoria)
  • Door Transfers
  • Map Zone Line Transfers
  • Full Email Support
  • Preliminary Powers (Pew Pew Pew!)
  • AdminRPC and RPC support
  • SEGSAdmin improvements
  • DBTool Improvements, including DB version migrations
  • Output log improvements
  • Many improvements to how we store/load characters and data from the database.
  • Tailor Window (pkt 88)
  • Multiple Costumes and Costume Slots
  • Additional Lua hooks
  • Further code cleanups and optimizations
  • Bug Fixes

Questions? Stop by our discord chat :


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Re: SEGS v0.7.0 Released - "Awakening"
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