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Commissions of my CoH Characters
« on: April 20, 2019, 03:39:53 PM »
In the years following the UNSOLVED MURDER OF PARAGON CITY!  (*cough*  sorry) I've attended A-Kon in Dallas and Ft. Worth.  One of the highlights of those experiences is when indy comic book creator Fred Perry is a guest, and mans the Antarctic Press table, to meet fans and sell comic books.

And sell art commissions.

So, I have a handful of his rendition of many of my CoH characters.  I've posted them to Deviant Art as I've collected them, and I figured I'd share a few here as well!

If you ever happen to attend any convention that Fred is at, at least stop by and say "hi".  :)

One of the first that I got was of my Natural/Invunerability Scrapper, WarSparrow.  If only I could have scaled her sword to be longer than she is tall in the game!