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My City of Heroes Movie Fantasy Cast
« on: March 31, 2019, 03:47:56 PM »
Hey guys. I've spent all night brainstorming my perfect City of Heroes movie. I've also spent so much time picking the cast and boy, it wasn't easy but, I managed to pull it off. I've been searching on Google, looking at Paragon Wiki and reading the City of Heroes comics online thanks to OK! Here's my casting and I want to here your opinion on it to see if you guys agree or disagree to my choices and give any suggestions.

The Heroes: Freedom Phalanx

Channing Tatum - Marcus Cole / Statesman

Bryce Dallas Howard - Shalice Tilman / Sister Psyche

Mark Strong - Dr. Raymond Keyes / Positron

Vincent D'Onofrio - Citadel

Jeremy Renner - Justin Sinclair / Manticore

Chris Evans - Steven Berry / Synapse

Emma Stone - Tammy Arcanus / Numina

Winston Duke - Michael White / Back Alley Brawler

The Villains: Arachnos

Michael Fassbender - Stefan Richter / Lord Recluse [Laurence Fishburne as the voice?]

Cate Blanchette - Belladonna Vetrano / Ghost Widow

Rami Malek - Gideon Ray / Captain Mako

Guillermo Diaz - Ernesto Rodriguez / Black Scorpion

Jason Momoa - Imad Malak / Scirocco

Michael Shannon - Doctor Thaddeus Aeon / Dr. Aeon

Director: The Russo Brothers

Plot: The Web of Arachnos and/or The Freedom Phalanx novel storyline. The first Rikti War story or Issues of the Top Cow City of Heroes comics.