Author Topic: Question on the CoH timeline (re: start of the game)  (Read 717 times)


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Question on the CoH timeline (re: start of the game)
« on: February 08, 2019, 11:15:32 PM »
So, I know that at launch, and for several RL years after, many of the city zones were either totaled, or had sections that were still destroyed. Then, as time went on, some zones saw reconstruction (Faultline got renovated, Atlas Park got a few new buildings, etc), signaling a passage of time. And also, more generally speaking, the more you leveled up, the more time was assumed to have passed. So with that in mind, how long after the Ritki War was the start of Issue 0?

I ask because I was thinking about the game lore, and it sometimes sounds as though the only (super hero) survivors of the Ritki war were the Surviving 8 (That is, the Freedom Phalanx plus Back Alley Brawler). Obviously there were problem with that idea, so there was some back-pedling and retconning and such. But still, if the main idea is that most of the active heroes died during the war, then where did all the "new" heroes come from? Unless the start of issue 0 is many years after the war, which, I dunno if that makes sense because some of the city is still destroyed (while some parts look like they were never touched)?

Anyone got any info on this?


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Re: Question on the CoH timeline (re: start of the game)
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 01:06:53 PM »
Nov 27, 2002 was the final battle of the Rikti War.

The Issues were fairly realtime, so Issue 0 would be in April 2004.
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