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Press Release: Millennium Chat Rebranding
« on: April 01, 2017, 07:53:47 AM »

Important Announcement!
For immediate release.

After 20 months of work, we are proud to announce the beginning of Phase 3: Rebranding!  Over the next few months, we will gradually phase out the Paragon City name and embrace Millennium Chat.

In addition to the name change, we also have the following surprises in store:

  • The addition of the following zones to Mapmenu and Mapmove: Millennium City, Vibora Bay, Canadian Wilderness, Southwest Deserts, Lemuria, and the third and superior Monster Island!
  • Emote reset: only the following dance emotes will be available to all users: Shuffle, The Monkey, The Washer, and Bounce.  Additional emotes will be available for purchase at a later date.
  • Secret Hideouts will be implemented instead of the Super Bases.  As an upshot, MOONBASE!  That's right, we're giving the players what they have been clamoring for when City of Heroes was live!
  • Costume changes: We're now adding options for eyes and irises in the Costume Editor accessible during character creation and Icon/Tailors.   To simplify player options, we're removing the unnecessary face options and providing a single face option.

The timeline for implementation is as follows:
  • April 28th: We'll announce our new Millennium Chat during the 13th Anniversary Event.
  • July 2nd: The new Millennium City zones will take effect, as we'll begin removing Paragon City zones from access.
  • Nov 30th: Our website and marketing will drop the Paragon Chat moniker and adopt Millennium Chat going forward.
  • Jan 1st, 2018: Anticipated completion of the cash shop to purchase emotes.

Note that the Player Secret Hangouts are still in development, and there is no ETA available for this feature.  You can, however apply to the Beta Client to give it a shot when we're ready for testing.

On the behalf of our development team, I want to thank you for all of your hours and efforts in Paragon Chat and I welcome you to join us in this exciting new chapter in Titan Network's future!

Thanks and see you in Millennium City!

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