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The Golden Century series, et. al.
« on: December 27, 2016, 02:35:27 AM »
Hello everyone, before I get started, I want to preface that I did get permission to post this some months ago by a moderator named Sekoia. She told me to post it in this specific forum, and that I mustn't sound like a sales pitch. I decided to wait on that until a time I knew I would be making a free giveaway. I am a new author (written 3 novels and an anthology this year), so I care about exposure, and even more about giving people an enjoyable time... so I figured I can't be trying to get money from you while I'm giving my stuff away to you. I tried to have this up yesterday, but I ran into issues, so all my books are free from (today) 26th to 28th.

I focus heavily on character interaction, development, and emotionally driven plot lines. There's plenty of action if that's your bag too.

This thread will focus on my superhero fiction series, but I will also link my other books in case anyone wants to grab them while they're free. I was heavily inspired to do this series my characters I originally had in City of Heroes, along with my Architect arc that won Best Hero Arc 2009.

This is book one, a short story anthology that sets up the world and expectations about that world. It's sort of a journey from light, to gray, to dark.

Keep in mind there's a trigger warning listed in the book description. A lot of bad things have happened to me and sometimes I write about them.. it wasn't going to be a part of the story, but I ended up writing it in thee instead. I was going to remove it but got told by multiple people to keep it there, and so I did, but be mindful please.

The Most Important Thing, a heavily rewritten adaptation of my Architect arc. If you remember the original arc and liked it, you will hopefully like this. If you hated it, I urge you to check it out anyways. The original arc was marred by plot holes caused by the 1000 character limitation on story telling, and also limitations in the game itself (needing to click on something to discover a clue for instance resulted in some jumpy storytelling). CoH shutting down broke my heart, as it no doubt did so to many of yours, so the idea came about after it shut down that I would start telling stories based on my arcs and characters, adapting them wherever I could, and hopefully without pissing off NCSoft (who can eternally kiss my ass but they have a lot of money).

Yesterday's Hope's main character is based off of one of the characters I had in CoH, a traveler from another world (how many of us had those? <3) It's an ensemble book about a the main character ending up in a world where magic and technology often co-exist, and contains multiple characters that originated as concepts in CoH. Book 2 is already being worked on, I have 11-12 books planned (one of them is up in the air, not sure if the story should or should not be there).

The only one not *directly* inspired by CoH characters, but ended up taking cues anyways. It's a lesbian romance (I am a lesbian) that takes place in the distant future in a hard sci-fi environment.

Most of my books involve lesbians actually.. again this is probably something that makes sense lol.

If any of you choose to pick these up, I hope you enjoy them.

If you want to return the gift, then share your thoughts on them here or more especially, leave me reviews on Amazon, I need those more than I need money.

I hope everyone has had and will continue to have a wonderful holidays. <3 <3 <3