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Paragon Chat 1.0.2
« on: August 12, 2016, 10:00:05 PM »
This is mostly a polish and bugfix release, removing some of the 1.0 warts.

Patch notes for version 1.0.2
Update branch: Release
Release date: 12 Aug 2016

  • Third party software licenses that require attribution are now correctly included for components used by Paragon Chat. They can be seen along with the Paragon Chat EULA by clicking on a button in the options panel. These include MIT, Apache, and 4-clause BSD licenses. Acknowledgement for all components is included, whether required or not, now that the UI exists and we can do it.

  • The Paragon Chat directory is now fully portable. Even once "installed", you can simply move it somewhere else, and aside from having to update shortcuts it should all just work. The AppData location is still preferred so that third-party addons can find Paragon Chat, but it is now only a recommendation in the installer rather than a silent default.

  • The bootstrap (installer) now features a user interface and prompts the user where to install Paragon Chat, as well as offering repair and uninstall capability. Uninstall is just a synonym for delete, but it gets asked for a lot because it is somehow magical in some people's minds.

  • Patch notes are now automatically generated from the commit log, to help keep straight which notes should go with which release, as well as to lessen the work required to prepare each new release.

  • The ParagonChat.exe and ParagonChatClient.exe binaries are now signed using a Titan Network certificate.

    This certificate is from our self-signed CA, so it will not pass Authenticode validation. A "real" certificate would be nice, but requires either a legal entity such as a corporation, or to bear the name of an individual developer.

    However, despite not being a trusted-by-default certificate, it still provides a way for Antivirus vendors to uniquely identify authentic Paragon Chat/Titan Network software as coming from the official source. This gives them the ability to whitelist all of our software at once if they choose to - even new updates - and if enough people report false positives it may ease the pain in the long run.
  • Fix a bug that could sometimes cause a crash if the client was exited and restarted multiple times.
  • Fixed some timing issues with the update process that could potentially cause long pauses during updating.
User Interface
  • Multiplex the progress bar with a priority system to better handle cases where multiple tasks that want to use it are running at once.

  • The options panel is now functional. It can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon on the main window and allows configuration of several useful settings which persist between sessions:

    • The Issue 24 location can be modified in order to fix situations where it is moved after the initial setup.
    • The Issue 24 files can be subjected to a long verify if file corruption is suspected. After the verify completes, any issues such as missing or incorrect files are listed.
    • Custom command-line parameters can now be passed to the client. This is "smart" in that changing them should work even with client preloading - it will restart the client in the background if necessary. Once you have logged in to the game, any changes to these will of course not take effect until the next session.
    • Paragon Chat can optionally be configured to remain open rather than automatically exiting when you close the client (the pre-1.0 behavior).
    • Client preloading can be disabled if desired.
    • An option to allow multiple instances (also known as multibox mode or shareddb mode), which can be changed on demand without having to restart Paragon Chat.
    • An easier way to access offline mode.
    • An option to turn on enhanced debugging that may be useful to help troubleshoot problems.
    • In addition to the automatic update settings, which were moved to the new options panel, a button was added to force a check for updates. This feature always reports success/fail status and reports the latest version that is available on the update server.
    • The experimental database browser was moved from a hidden control-click sequence to a button in the options panel.

  • Fixed a bug that caused music to not play on the login screen and at character selection.

  • Restored the original 'enter game' sound effect.

  • Fixed a bug that caused chat logging to ignore the setting in the options menu and always act as if it was enabled.

    As many people have gotten used to it being on by default, changed the default "Log Chat" option to enabled. It can be disabled on a per-character basis and/or saved to the default options.

    The "Log Private Messages" setting was not affected by the bug and continues to default to 'off'. That option creates a subfolder for each player who messages you.


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Re: Paragon Chat 1.0.2
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2016, 10:31:11 PM »
[/li][li]Restored the original 'enter game' sound effect.

This pleases me greatly. Never saw why they removed that.