Author Topic: 12th Anniversary Celebration - Thursday, April 28th, 2016 - Photos & Videos  (Read 2877 times)


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Photos & Videos
Final Version: May 13th, 2016 - No further changes anticipated.

Official Pictures from The Event

The /em holdtorch shot... yes, that's a Rikti portal.
(Missed the event? Confused? You'll have to ask someone who was there.)

The party at large.

Your Masters of Ceremony for the Evening/Night:
TheCape Radio's DJ Valor (left), DJ Nexus (center) and One Hit Wonder (right).

More Photos? Sure!

I'll even try to lay them out in left to right, top to bottom (well, "slightly correct" chronological order, anyway.)

Before the bell rang...






DJ Nexus




DJ Valor's Last Blast in Atlas Park

ZOMG! What just happened?

Me trying to take a group shot

The Magnificent Seven

The DJs saluted with torches...

... moment ruined. LOL, thanks CW!

Until next year...

... or next morning, that's fine too. :D
All of the above photos are courtesy of Nyghtshade, who admittedly took better shots than I did.

Want more? Ones from my account are here, including the 5-7 alternate shots of the "official photos"!  If you want to add more to this album, send me a PM to get in touch with me.  I'll credit the photos to your Titan Network name.

Also, you can find my fellow co-organizers photos below:


From YouTube:
2150dalek - City of Heroes 12th Anniversary
Tim the Enchanter - City of Heroes 12th Anniversary

What about the attendance figures, contest results, and all the other stuff?  Go here for that.

Meanwhile, if you have photos, videos or other media, feel free to share them below.
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I really need to get this Paragon chat up and running - that looked awesome.