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Paragon Chat Known Issues
« on: July 13, 2015, 04:38:01 PM »
These are things that are known, and will be fixed at some later date.

Channels sometimes disappear from chat tabs
Symptoms: Global channels sometimes are removed from all chat tabs, causing you to not see messages on them. Using /xmppdisconnect and /xmppreconnect can trigger this.
Cause: Unknown. May need to resend channel join messages more often so that the client doesn't forget about it and remove it from the tabs.
Targeted fix: 1.0


Players are sometimes invisible
Symptoms: People can hear you speaking in local, but say they can't see you.
Status: Seems to be much more rare now, and it hasn't been confirmed if the occasional report is actually this, or if it's something else like a transient connection issue.

Leaving global channels doesn't work
Symptoms: Leaving a global channel does not remove it from the chat settings, so you will rejoin it again when you log back in.
Status: Temporarily fixed. Leaving a global channel will force it to be cleared out of the saved client settings when logging off, to prevent it from being rejoined at next login. Important note: This is only a temporary workaround. In the future it is planned to migrate channel membership serverside so that it is account-wide and tied to a given XMPP account, to more closely imitate the behavior of global channels in traditional COH.

Sometimes get stuck going through a door
Symptoms: You exit the Tiki Room in Pocket D for example. You get stuck in the door geometry and can't move.
Cause: Some doors do not work properly without the door animation moving you far enough away from the geometry.
Status: Fixed in 0.99a with the addition of door animations.

Account names are case sensitive
Symptoms/Cause: The account name you use at the COH login screen (not your XMPP login) determines which character list you see, enabling the use of more than 48 characters. However, the name is currently case-sensitive, so if you create characters as SuperDude8, then later log in as Superdude8, you will see a blank character list.
Additional information: The first time 0.99d is launched, it upgrades the database schema and consolidates characters on these accounts. After the upgrade, all account names are stored in lower case in the database.
Status: Fixed in 0.99d

Global friend requests sometimes get hung in a half-friended state
Symptoms: Global friend requests, especially those sent while one party is offline, sometimes show as 'Pending' on one side but apparently do not re-request the presence subscription.
Additional information: 0.99e introduced better presence subscription/roster state handling code to address this.
Status: Fixed in 0.99e

Ignore list doesn't populate after zoning
Symptoms/Cause: After switching zones, the global ignore list appears empty in the UI. However, ignore does continue to function and adding someone to the list causes all of the entries to reappear.
Status: Fixed in 0.99e

I am keeping this thread locked as it is not intended to be a bug reporting thread, which is what it would turn into.
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