Author Topic: SAVE COH RADIO JUNE 19th!  (Read 5278 times)


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On November 30th, 2012, NCSoft shut off the greatest online super-powered role-playing game ever. However,
that only turned UP the resolve of its gaming community! Join Rich (a.k.a. Pogoman) and his trusted, loyal,
sidekick, Suzy the Elf, as they take to the airwaves weekly to discuss the plight of the greatest gaming community
in the history of the world! Joining them will be, as always, the man from the Titan Network himself- Tony V!
Tune in to see what the players are doing to bring back their beloved City! Join them
in their greatest fight ever! Callers are welcome to join in on air! Friday night, 8:30-10pm EST!
Call in to say hello!  (646) 478-0073
Let's tell everyone why we are fighting to get our City back!

Also, check out the new Facebook page: