Author Topic: Any MegaMan Legends /Rockman Dash fans here? Help out  (Read 1489 times)


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Any MegaMan Legends /Rockman Dash fans here? Help out
« on: October 22, 2014, 10:47:19 PM »
Much like City of Heroes I have a console favorite that was shutdown or in this case canceled a few years ago when our beloved MegaMan Legends series was going to get it's second sequel.

If you have the time please write capcom to continue development of this long awaited greatly needed title megeman legends 3. A fan spent the last couple years to put together a nice little animation on youtube at which contains instructions on messaging capcom near the end of the video. If you don't want to watch the entire 6 minute video the directions begin at this link

So I'm going to beg those of you that share my passion for city of heroes to also consider sharing in my passion for another game which was sadly denied life. Don't forget to goto what was the megaman legends 3 devroom and visit this thread and type signed once you register.

If you have problems the video author has also posted this guide:
Okay. Everyone. If you send the Japanese message to Capcom's inquiry box linked in the description, they will redirect you to a different inquiry box about games. BUT. There, you can still demand Legends 3. By following these directions. Buckle your seatbelts, this'll get complicated.
STEP 1: go to the one they'll send you, which is this.
STEP 2: Hit the "Please select" box to the right of "機種" (which means "Model"
STEP 3: choose 3DS. (since that's what legends 3 was slated for.)
STEP 4: to the right of "タイトル", (which means "Title") choose the choice at the very bottom of that drop down menu, which means "Other."
STEP 5:type "Megaman Legends 3," "Rockman DASH 3" or "ロックマンDASH 3" then hit the button below. A confirmation box with a blue button should appear, so hit that when you see it.
STEP 6:in the "お問い合わせ項目" (Contact item) section, select the fifth slot, which is "ご意見・ご要望" (Opinions/requests)."
STEP 7: in "種別" (Type) select the first option which is "ゲームソフトに対するご意見・ご要望"4STEP 8: in The "ご意見・ご要望" (Opinions and requests)  box, type up your own request for Legends 3, or paste the Japanese message from the description of this video. If you do decide to write up your own request, still remember to BE POLITE. No insults, no anger or hatred, no spite, just calmly, rationally beg for MML3.
STEP 9:Just like the inquiry box I sent ya. Under "お名前(漢字)" (Name (Kanji) add your first name in the right box, last name in the left, select your age, and pick any district they have listed. Doesn't matter which. I bet your browser has an auto translator anyway.
STEP 10: hit the button below. The site will direct you to a confirmation screen, hit the right button on the bottom, not the left, and you'll be directed to a "送信を完了いたしました。" (we finished sending) screen. Then you can just do whatever else.

Personally, I took the time to write my own message rather than copy the one suggested. Since it is very important to me like CoX.

Help us, because like City of Heroes this game was very important to me and on the must have list.
I think we can be the community that helps save all games.
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