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Comics and Other Media / Re: By the power of Netflix!
« Last post by Xev on Today at 07:12:00 PM »

That is so much info (who knew lol) I re-read it like 5 times just to get warmed up.

Why isn't Hordak Master of the Universe?? He sounds next level.
Other Games / Re: Neverwinter
« Last post by Xev on Today at 06:56:07 PM »
Hey, I'm still in my guild! I hate packing.

So, here's that long-awaited mod 21 review. I'm gonna call it part 1 because I've only experienced part of what's going on now.

The queues are harder.

If you're a new player or maybe even just have a new undergeared toon who hasn't got all its powers yet you might not be able to complete even the simplest random queues.

If you're a seasoned player who may be a little undergeared and unexperienced in the new Epic/Advanced dungeons in the random advanced dungeon queues... you might not be able to complete this dungeon either.

So basically it's like it was when I was a new player, and, when I first felt seasoned.

You are only level 20 now instead of level 80..

Who cares. If you were max level, you still are. If you weren't - it doesn't matter either because levelling is levelling - it's all about the quests you complete, not how many times you ding. They could have chosen to make us ding 100 times before the questlines were over, but, they chose 20.

Which brings me to what I think is the biggest change. You can look at it as good or bad but this is how I look at it - Getting to max level is like running one long tutorial now. For any character you make and level up it's the same quests, the same (nice!) rewards. I said that in Alliance chat and someone said "yeah but it only takes hours to level". Hmm well, if you subtract the time it takes to experiment with your new powers solo and in a team then, yeah, maybe. They aren't like 2 or 3 hours though and you'll do them every time you level a new toon. That is the biggest change in Mod 21. Forced Tutorialvling. (And a bunch of zones that understandably seem to mean a lot to people, but that I personally never go to, went away). I can never remember actively playing a game where every time I made a new toon I had to do the exact same quests every time to get all my levels.

You know how everyone in nearly every game complains that they have to do the same newb mishes over and over when they level a new toon? Well Neverwinter takes that to the next level in mod 21. It sounds really restrictive and it is and I don't like restrictive stuff by nature so I instinctively didn't like this, but... For now, the rewards are current. I can still do other stuff while I follow my straight line to max level. The only difference is that there's no XP for....anything. Just the 'tutorial'. When I do go back to levelling I know how to pick up ..exactly.. where I left off on the reward/level trail and I know I'll do all the quests that give me all the special rewards I want.

Oh, and BARDS. That's new.

I'm gonna go back and play mine right now.. Even though I already have a fully geared healer who's perfectly fun I'm playing a wha?

And that is my part 1 review of the beast that is mod 21. If you are endgame this doesn't really change much for you that I see except that you can get into more dungeons in the random queues now. Oh and that you have to spend bigillions to upgrade your insignias to Mythic in order to keep up with the Joneses. But lets face it. If you're NW endgame what else do you have to spend bigillions on to be uber ... lately  : p If you are new, this is like the best time to make a new character with the new quest rewards + the Lord Neverember recruitment event + (?) and new class to try. If you're the Get Off My Lawn type, it's festival time in Zone chat. Something for everyone.
Comics and Other Media / Re: By the power of Netflix!
« Last post by Thunder Glove on Today at 05:21:14 PM »
And Teela fits into all that by being the Sorceress's daughter, though she's not aware of it.  She thinks she's Duncan's (aka Man-At-Arms) daughter.

Evil-Lyn, to round out the main cast, is in most accounts an Earth woman, a scientist named Evelyn Morgan Powers, whose scientific skills translated to sorcerous powers on Eternia, and her jealousy of Marlena led her to join Skeletor.

(Queen Marlena was originally an astronaut from Earth, with Evelyn as a member of her crew. When their ship crashed, they couldn't get back to Earth, and neither really tried all that hard: one found romance, one found power)
Comics and Other Media / Re: By the power of Netflix!
« Last post by eabrace on Yesterday at 02:05:33 AM »
See now I was trying to remember how She-Ra fit into the whole He-Man universe.
Minor lore dump:

Eternia and Etheria are two separate worlds in two different dimensions.  Eternia, home of He-Man and Skeletor, is the world we're most familiar with.

King Randor and Queen Marlena had twins they named Adam and Adora during an attempted invasion by the intergalactic Horde.  The Horde's forces were led by Hordak.  Hordak kidnapped infant Adora.  Man-at-Arms captured Hordak's student (and Randor's half-brother) Skeletor.  Skeletor ratted out Hordak and told Man-at-Arms where to find him. Before Man-at-Arms could rescue Adora, Hordak escaped through a dimensional portal to Etheria.

Years later, Hordak had managed to take over Etheria and Adora had become a Force Captain in his army.  The Sorceress begins having dreams about the events during the Horde invasion and wakes to find the Sword of Protection floating above her.  She follows the sword through Grayskull to a new portal.  The Sorceress summons He-Man to take the Sword of Protection through the portal and seek out its owner.  He-Man travels to Etheria, gets captured, meets Adora (they have no idea they're related), and decides to give her the sword.

The sword allows Adora to break free of Shadow Weaver's mind control, and she learns about her past from a spiritual projection of the Sorceress.  She becomes She-Ra for the first time.  She frees He-Man, He-Man starts breaking Hordak's toys, She-Ra jumps on Spriit, turning him into Swift Wind, and flies off to warn the Rebellion that Hordak is coming.  When She-Ra returns to help He-Man finish breaking Hordak's toys, she tells him they're twins.  Mic drop.

They summon the Sorceress's spirit through the Sword of Protection and get the whole story about what happened when they were infants.  Emotional reunion.  He-Man and She-Ra free the Queen, and their work here on Etheria apparently being finished, they return to Eternia for a big family reunion.  Hordak (sneaky bastard) sees them go through the portal and follows.

The royal family throws a party.  Hordak and Skeletor crash the party and kidnap Adora (again).  She tricks Beast Man into giving her sword back and defeats Skeletor.  Hordak turns tail and flees back to Etheria.  Adora tells her parents the she has to return to free Etheria from Horde oppression.  Crying ensues.  Adora returns home.
Comics and Other Media / Re: By the power of Netflix!
« Last post by Xev on July 31, 2021, 09:59:52 PM »
With the He-Man and She-Ra licenses split up, I fully expect Teela to find a magic sword and become Tee-La (because she's not changing her name).

And this, let me note, would not be a bad thing.

See now I was trying to remember how She-Ra fit into the whole He-Man universe. What I remember from the cartoons (that were the only thing worth watching with beers after work) is He-Man *and* She-Ra.. But all we get in this is Teela and I honestly don't even remember her except kinda vaguely. I remember the other main characters. Bad helmet man. Scaredy tiger. Magic imp. Evil Babe. Skeleton dude.

I was more of a Justice League or Hulk or ... you know ... grown-up sophisticated comics fan. So He-Man was a little beneath me at the time but a kiddy cartoon was better than no cartoon. Kinda thing. Having said that I think this is a grown up sophisticated representation of what I remember, while, not leaving behind its kiddy cartoon roots/feel.

Anyway, yeah! I did wonder what happened to She-Ra.
Comics and Other Media / Re: By the power of Netflix!
« Last post by Thunder Glove on July 31, 2021, 10:44:15 AM »
With the He-Man and She-Ra licenses split up, I fully expect Teela to find a magic sword and become Tee-La (because she's not changing her name).

And this, let me note, would not be a bad thing.
Comics and Other Media / Re: By the power of Netflix!
« Last post by Xev on July 29, 2021, 05:11:43 PM »
Oh no, it feels like more of a build up thing to me. I mean, everyone including his alter-ego have been properly introduced and we couldn't really build up the bad guys or the situation any more... Now here He-Man comes to save the day/multiverse/heavens/whatever's current.

They've been holding him back rather than making it all about topping what he just did. Now we know he'd give everything for his friends and that HamillTor is playing for keeps all while letting everyone else (show that they can) take the action. Then in steps He-Man for the big finish.

My expectations have been set. Good luck!

Or maybe Skeletor really does win, becomes Master of the Universe, and He-Man is forever banished to the hell that's reserved for people who had the nerve to leave heaven. And in the sequel Evil-Lyn kills Skeletor, becomes Master of the Universe, burns heaven and hell down making He-man her zombie love slave, while she's revealed to be even nastier than Skeletor ever was.
Other Games / Re: Neverwinter
« Last post by Xev on July 29, 2021, 02:45:49 PM »
Well I couldn't leave things hanging.

I'm not ready to be positive yet but the only real negative I've ran into so far is the new random queues. What a mess. Trials are ok. Skirmishes are ok. Epic dungeons are not ok. Regular dungeons are very not ok.


Well, my new Bard seems very traditional to PC bards up to now at level 10. Very true to its predecessors in other games. Awkward to play and plays with its own set of rules. There's people that play Bards and then there's the rest of us.

Having said that, up to now.... mine's fun and I'm curious how it's going to turn out.

I wish I could remember what someone said in Zone so I could quote them and didn't have to say it myself... but I have to admit that with the exception of being about to get booted from my guild (there's another one that's been waiting for me I just don't like packing/unpacking) and the state the Random queues (where I live in all Cryptic games) are in, I'm looking forward to logging in more than I have for a long time. I've just been levelling a new toon though so I have no idea yet what's happened to my regular routine.
Comics and Other Media / Re: By the power of Netflix!
« Last post by Tenzhi on July 29, 2021, 02:09:01 AM »
There's apparently been some drama among some fans about He-Man getting sidelined.  I expected it due to the title.  Hopefully before the end we get at least one moment where He-Man runs, stops, looks both ways, and runs again.
Comics and Other Media / Re: By the power of Netflix!
« Last post by Xev on July 28, 2021, 08:43:20 PM »
I like Mark Hamill more now than when every second or third TV ad was about that movie he was in in the 70's. Thought he was a really good bad guy in the episodes of the Flash I saw him in too. As Skeletor it's like he's even less shackled to reality and takes that persona to the next level.

The most memorable thing to me about original He-Man is that it came on before Thundercats and I used to watch it with my roommate.

This version has great art and characters and seems determined to be dramatic but still pretty much is... He-Man. Kiddy cartoon  : )

Oh that ending! Bad bad Skeletor.. Evil Lyn swapped sides pretty darn fast, huh. Maybe she was just trying to protect them.. or maybe not. If not she sure did switch sides easy lol. Or is she really on her OWN side.. dun dun dunn..

You know who I remember seeing the least of in this? HE-MAN! It was mostly Flea-Man, huh? They're saving him for later..
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