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Title: Windows Vista and Updates/Install
Post by: Mids on July 23, 2008, 08:01:49 PM
I'm aware of an ongoing issue with Windows Vista users having difficulty with the automatic updates.

Currently, as I understand it, the program needs to be run in administrator/elevated mode when performing an update if you have User Access Control enabled in Vista. Otherwise the operating system denies the program access to files in its own folder which are required for update.

This issue can occasionaly also arise when starting the program for the first time after installing it, leading to an error message saying the main executable wasn't found.

It shouldn't require administrator mode the rest of the time.

One fix is to set the program to always run as an administrator by right clicking on its shortcut to display the popup menu, and selecting Properties -> Compatability -> Always run as Administrator.

I'm looking at various solutions to remedy this in the future.