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Title: Team Banter
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(Paragon City, Rhode Island, U.S.A - sometime before they pulled the plug)
"Radios in Kings!"  Dr. Sam Banter cried.  He was trying to get a team together to help save the city as it were.  The city always needed saving, which is a good thing, because one can make a lot of loot saving the city.  One can also become well known, and be admired by children.  And adult people will like you as well, maybe even a little hanky-panky if you know what I mean.

"I'll join."  The Golden Emerald said.
"I love radios."  The Red Flame responded.
"Can I join?"  The Crisco Kid asked.
"Toss me an invite."  Claws McScrapper snapped.
"Anybody running missions in Kings?"  Lock Down asked.

"We will be running radios in Kings."  Dr. Banter replied.
"Count me in."  Lock Down answered.
"Dr. Banter, remember me?  You running a team?"  Repo Dave asked.
"Oh Repo, yes and radios in Kings.  I have to say, you are one helluva tank."  Dr. Banter remarked.
"Well invite me already, oh there it is, ok."  Repo Dave said.

It was a pretty good looking team, Dr. Sam Banter was not a medical doctor, but he had perfected healing devices that allowed supers, super-powered being, to regain health and stamina during battle.  The Golden Emerald is a rock solid earth controller.  She has a pet living emerald crystal.  Red Flame is a very seasoned fire blaster.  Don't let her skimpy costume fool you, she is all business fighting crime. 

And there is one in every bunch, on this team it is a water blaster called The Crisco Kid.  He is a good blaster, but he is also a prankster.  And then there are heroes who leave little doubt what they do.  Claws McScrapper is a claws scrapper.  Claws looks like a lovely little girl, but stand clear when the claws come out.  Lock Down is a dark controller.  She can easily lock down an entire room of baddies with fear. 

The last member of the team is a tanker, Repo Dave.  he wanted a name that meant something to him.  Those who repossess cars and other items when the owner is a couple minutes late with this months back-breaking payment, are not well liked.  So it stands to reason that a group of baddies kind of have a purpose in beating on him.

"Welcome people.  In case you don't know me, or have forgotten, my name is Doctor Sam Banter.  I am in charge of this team.  What I say goes.  My goal is to fight crime and make money doing it.  We might even gain experience and strength.  Anyway, I have the ability to heal my fellow supers.  If I don't heal you, it is because you wandered off and did something stupid."

"Just one minute, I don't want to have to ask permission to kill something."  Claws McScrapper interjected.
"That is a good point.  Here is how I like to play.  The tanker guy brings a group to us.  The controllers lock them down.  The blasters pick them off, and the scrappers protect the squishies."  Dr. Banter laid down the law.

"Every time?"
"No, we will mix it up a little."
"I don't want to play nurse maid to a bunch of squishies."  Claws McScrapper protested.
"By protect, I mean kill any baddies that get past the tank."
"Oh, ok, I guess."

"I'm just letting you know that I expect you guys to stay with the team.  Scrappers or blasters that get ahead of the team might not get the full support of the team."
"Yeah, yeah."
"Ok, some guy is calling me out, let's teach him that Dr. Sam Banter or any hero is not to be messed with."

"Yeah!"  They all shouted.
And with that they all proceeded to the mission door.  It was a big boulder in the middle of a field.  When they got close to it, they could see a door in the side of it.  They each went in.
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