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Title: Safeguard
Post by: KidKourage on December 04, 2017, 02:07:37 PM
  I was thinking back last week, cause it's that time of year, and I reflected on some of the great pug's I'd been part of that were safeguard missions.  Specifically one team doing the King's Row mission.  If you remember, big teams had the possibility to draw in some villains (or heroes doing the mayhem side) for a real brawl.  The King's Row mini-map was the bank next to 'Paladin' Park on the actual King's Row map.  We had a full team, we stopped the robbery, half the team hit all the hot spots while the other half found the side missions.  All that great work caused a Paladin to spawn and the last chunk of the mission was bashing that sucker down.  And that was hard work cause we did not have a lot of time left on the clock, so when a hot spot was announced, half of us went into defense mode against the Paladin while the rest raced to get us more time.  It was a great run and one of my fondest memories of the game. 
  But it was the only wild ride safeguard mission I ever did.  So I went out to Paragon Wiki to look up what the other possibilities would have been.  And guess what?  Not there.  The page reads like a technical manual on how to game the missions and where to do your radio mission to guarantee which Safeguard you get.  Half the article is devoted to that, when my answer is: just join a team where the leader has the mission you are looking for.  Clearly written by a solo player who was quite possibly a farmer given that whole discussion.  Hot spots are mentioned only in passing; not even called hot spots, just "Vandals causing mayhem".  I get how a solo player would overlook this, cause a solo player would eat up the 90 second gain just trying complete it.  A team was able to divert 2 to 4 members to work them constantly, giving the main squad ALL that bonus time to use.  I'm left with an impression that the author became an expert on only half of the subject and probably never experienced the part that made Safeguards awesome.
  Can anyone remember the other big team big victory enemies that could be activated?  Mayhem missions too please!
Title: Re: Safeguard
Post by: eabrace on December 04, 2017, 02:49:45 PM
Actually, a good chunk of the edits on that page were made by people that skewed a little toward OCD.  You know, the kind of people that get really frustrated and swear at the screen if they miss ANY objectives on the map - vandal spawns included.  :)

Generally, whether solo or on a team, you would go after the bigger time bonuses in the side missions before mopping up the rest of the streets, but more often than not, you would probably clean every possible target off the map with plenty of time to spare.  The vandal spawns never left the map once they appeared, so you would pick up the time bonuses for defeating them as you swept the rest of the streets.

Each mission is laid out in more detail on the pages of the individual Detectives that give them out:  https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Category:Police_Band_Contact

If you want to just look at the Safeguard missions without the context of the detectives that provided them, you can see the templates for them here:  https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Category:Safeguard_Missions_Templates
Title: Re: Safeguard
Post by: KidKourage on December 05, 2017, 02:55:39 PM
Thank you.  I had not thought to search by mission, just the general heading of Safeguard and then exploring all the links I could find.  It looks like the text for the Mayhem missions included references to heroes the team might get to face but none of the Safeguards mention any such thing.  {sigh}.
I get what you're saying on the vandals, but if the team worked them right, they did make a difference.  I can remember Mayhem missions lasting over an hour if you tore the town apart, but Safeguards had that 15 plus two to three side mission at about 5 minutes each for a max of maybe thirty minutes.  The vandals were the 'equivalent' of phone booths and mail boxes, etc.  It was easier to split a team in half, let one search for the side objectives and the other hunt vandals, and maybe switch so each half got to do 1 side mission. 
This was very hard to do with pug groups though.  People didn't pay attention or want to understand.  Hard enough to keep them entering the mission and getting to the bank in an orderly manner.  It was always so funny when two or three would immediately fly/superspeed straight there while the rest of the group was like - "we don't have movement powers" and had to dodge mobs to get there hopefully in time, while the first couple clowns were being told to get in there and do their best to save the mission, and would get totally overwhelmed by the thugs inside.
Title: Re: Safeguard
Post by: eabrace on December 05, 2017, 09:30:05 PM
It looks like the text for the Mayhem missions included references to heroes the team might get to face but none of the Safeguards mention any such thing.
True.  The villains you might find in the Safeguard missions aren't directly referenced in the article.  The Villain Disruptor Badge (https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Villain_Disruptor_Badge) article does mention that it could be anyone from the Rogues Gallery or Rogue Isles Villains groups, though.

This was very hard to do with pug groups though.
That's fair.  Anything was harder with PUGs.  :)  There were multiple strategies that would work as long as everyone on the team was on the same page, but keeping everyone together was usually the hardest part of any PUG.