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Title: Efforts to Collect High Quality Map Images
Post by: VileTerror on September 08, 2016, 02:43:21 PM
Oyllo folks!

I've been working on a "tabletop" tribute to City of Heroes (though it's kind of spiralled out of control in to a video game in its own right, curse you Maptool macros!), and I'm at the stage where I would like to piece together some map images to play on.

To that end, does anyone know of a way to change the Field of View settings in Paragon Chat or Titan Icon so that the world looks flat while looking down from the sky?  And I'm not really knowledgeable on demorecord editting, though I'd like to place the camera outside the bounds of the map so I can also get shots of interiors.

Follow up question:  Does anyone know of any good software that will automatically "stitch" various sequential pictures together in to a single large-format image?

And the lazy route:  Does anyone know if there's already a resource out there that has high quality map images from City of Heroes?

I have a sample of what I was (barely) able to do for the Outbreak map, if anyone is curious for further details.  I'm not entirely sure how to share said image, though.

I would like to thank anyone in advance who is able to help!

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Title: /accesslevel 9 and /ortho 1
Post by: VileTerror on September 14, 2016, 04:13:09 AM
Well, Codewalker gave me a hand and let me know about some helpful features that are floating around in the engine.  Stand-up guy!
Title: So Much Awesome!
Post by: VileTerror on September 15, 2016, 08:20:16 PM
Ok, so, mucking around a bit more I've learnt that F4 on the keyboard is the default "show all" button.  This allows me to fully view interior instances and potentially make maps from them as I would exteriors . . . however, it also shows spawn points, light sources, audio nodules, pathing waypoints, and other things which disrupt the "purity" of the map.
Does anyone know of a happy "middle ground" solution, where I can see the map geometry without also seeing the "invisible" data points?
Thanks in advance!