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Title: Back Story Contest
Post by: Paragon Avenger on November 24, 2015, 05:37:18 AM
Give us your best back story or bio.
Title: Re: Back Story Contest
Post by: hurple on November 24, 2015, 03:38:19 PM
OK.  I'll play.  How many can we post?

Here's one I actually had to research.  All these "artifacts" are (fictionally) real.  This character was supposed to be a mashup of Constatine, Harry Dresden and Kolchak.  Originally, it also pointed out that, yes, he is related to *that* Abel.  But, I edited that out to add the section about the fae and demon.

Grabbed it from Titan City Info Tracker.

He was a dual pistols / energy blaster.

Born the seventh son of a seventh son on All Hallows' Eve, Zachariah Abel has a special connection to the universal forces of magic.  He has buried himself in the study of those forces, eventually mastering his innate magical abilities. As a result, he has become one of the world's foremost experts on all things paranormal. During his studies, he traveled the world investigating any paranormal mystery he could find and searching for and acquiring any paranormal related items he could; amassing, over the years, a formidable cache of tools and artifacts.  Among his artifacts, he has the enchanted flintlocks of the Witchfinder General, the mystical staff of Morgan le Fay, the protective amulet of Dresden, and the ax of ghost-killer Povey. Also, throughout his travels, he has made an ally out of the mystical Dark Fae named Skeeter (hint: they LOVE pizza), and even captured a minor demon (who he has named Balboa) as a pet.
Title: Re: Back Story Contest
Post by: hurple on November 24, 2015, 03:44:03 PM
And one for a villain plant control / thorny assault dominator named Green Thumb.

Because of his short stature, Tom Taylor was picked on all his life. He was taunted, beaten and abused. He never had any friends, and his family was no better. The only solace he ever found was in tending to his secret, private "garden." In truth, his "garden" was nothing more than a barren, forgotten patch of dirt in a hidden corner of his parent's farm. But, it was special to him. It turned out that patch of dirt was located in a ley line hot spot, and one day the Circle of Thorns showed up to perform ceremonial rituals. They destroyed Tom's garden. Enraged, he attacked them with nothing more than his garden tools. Impressed with his "spunk" the leader of the coven took Tom under his wing, teaching him the mystical ways. Eventually, he learned enough that he was able to magically alter his genetic makeup, turning himself into a half-plant, half-human hybrid. Now, he uses his abilities to punish those who abused him all his life... Or in other words, EVERYBODY

Title: Re: Back Story Contest
Post by: hurple on November 24, 2015, 03:49:31 PM
And a fire/fire blaster named Beelzebubba

Summoned from Hell by a chapter of the Circle of Thorns (hereafter referred to as CoT) based in the Paragon City Trailer Park, minor demon #12,423,542,232,834 (minor demons do not get names) was then locked away in a converted tool shed to be transferred to the Hollows in an emergency (i.e. the CoT started losing their battle against the trolls). Kept pacified by a steady diet of RC Cola and Moon Pie, and kept amused by continual airing of The Blue Collar Comedy TV Show, Beelzebubba (as he'd begun calling himself) became increasingly curious about "man's world." He decided to Git 'R Done, and escaped his tool shed on January 13, 2006, when a tornado destroyed the trailer park. He journeyed around the world, learning that man wasn't such a bad creation after all. Abandoning his roots, and his CoT influence, Beelzebubba now fights alongside the other heroes of Paragon City.

Title: Re: Back Story Contest
Post by: Drauger9 on November 24, 2015, 04:23:58 PM
Oh, I had a really good one for my Stone/mace tanker "Cyber Thor" but I can't remember it completely.

A rough recollection of it would be. One day Thor the God of Thunder, decided it had been awhile since he paid Asgard a visit. So he decided to make the trip. Upon arriving he realized it had changed quite a lot since his last visit. He had been wondering around for quite awhile looking for Juton to slay. Feeling out of place and hungry as he was walking by a local restaurant. He decided to stop in and get something to eat. He saw a chow line, so he took his place at the end of it. As he was waiting to get his meal. He noticed some people watching a new world, a different world threw a tiny window. The people seeing him watch curiously invited him over. In the best way they could, they tried to explain to them. That this tiny window, wasn't a window at all but a laptop and the world he saw. Wasn't a world at all it was City of Heroes. Thor being a God, understood what they was saying and they went on to show him. The controls of the game and invited him to play it. They started a fresh character for him (stone/mace tanker) and handed him the controls. Thor as a newby, was running around the city smitting bad guys with glee. Until he meet the abominations with the bombs attached to them. Not knowing they'd self explode he ran up to them. To smite them with his mighty hammer. Only to be downed in battle. Thor as we all know being quick to anger. Went into an epic nerd rage. Raising his trusty hammer (Mjorn I think it's called, I can't remember.) with lighting crackling all around it. Brought it down on to the vile contraption to destroy it. Only to find himself being sucked in threw the tiny window and into the new world he had never seen before.

I think this is longer than the original version and I had looked all the names in the original. But it's close to what I had for his Bio. :P

Title: Re: Back Story Contest
Post by: Steelhelm on November 24, 2015, 07:37:22 PM
Steelhelm's Bio

Born in Cimerora, a loyal soldier to Imperious, Alaric Stahlhelm woke up a strange sound that grew louder and louder. Alaric lived on the outskirts of the village where he told his neighbors he could keep a close eye on the traitor Romulus. Dressing up quickly, Alaric feared an attack and dressed in his battle armor. Upon arriving outside, he a strange green glowing tunnel on top of a hill a hundred or so yards away that twirled around at a rapid pace. The tunnel was growing immensely. With a slash of fear, Alaric feared it could potentially cover the whole village. Drawing his sword, Alaric jogged up to the hill to give the tunnel a closer inspection. Hesitantly, the Cimeroran poked his sword through the tunnel. Suddenly, Alaric felt an enormous force like that of a great storm and his sword was hurled away into the sky. Alaric tried to back away from the tunnel, but he found that he could not move. His arm was locked into place and Alaric felt himself being pulled forward. He dug his feet into the ground in a vain attempt to stop his forward progress. But the tunnel had taken hold and within moments Alaric was sucked into the tunnel. The tunnel made a whirring noise and collapsed within itself. Alaric Stahlhelm would never be seen again.
However, all was not lost for Alaric. Upon entering the tunnel, Alaric found himself floating through the green tunnel. Alaric moved his head around and gazed in wonder. Without warning however, the tunnel's emerald walls emitted golden light. Tendrils of that light reached toward Alaric like snakes and grabbed him. Then the pain arrived. Alaric screamed as an incredible amount of power and energy surged through him. Alaric's eyes began to glow and small trails of electricity sprang out his pupils. Even his armor was affected. Once pure silver, Alaric's armor turned black as night and gold lining appeared throughout. Alaric felt his blood being coated with electricity. He lost all control of his movements and became unconscious.
Alaric woke up an immeasurable time later. Gasping, Alaric shot up from his lying position and saw a strange place. The strange place had strange metal buildings and enormous birds soaring through the sky. Peculiar blue walls like those of Romulus' castle boxed the strange place in.
Alaric was barely beginning to regain his bearings when all of a sudden a figure came soaring out of the sky and landed on the ground. It was an old man, Alaric saw, but he could see the fit form and powerful posture that showed this would not be a man to be trifled with. The man's eyes were sharp and his eyebrows were raised like daggers. The old men was adorned in a strange clothing that covered all but his dark green eyes, lower face and his white hair. The clothes were mostly black with red undersides and a white star-shape upon his chest.
The old man spoke, "There was a reported temporal disturbance here and PortalCorp sent me to check. Who are you and what are you doing here?"
Alaric frowned in confusion. For the first time since he arrived, he spoke. "I do not understand your strange words, old man." The man may have an intimidating presence, but that would not stop him from speaking out. "Step out of my way. I must find a way home."
The old man's eyebrows furrowed even more than Alaric thought they could. "There's no need for rudeness. Let me take you to PortalCorp and we can see wha-"
"I have no time for this," Alaric spoke and reached for his scabbard. However, he saw his sword was missing. Cursing, Alaric decided would tackle the old men and then escape.
But Alaric got no further than three steps. The old men waited calmly as Alaric charged forward and then blasted him a volt of purple and white electricity. Alaric was sent back flying into the wall behind him.
In his anger, Alaric's vision turned gold. He didn't notice it should be red but instinct had taken over and he spoke.
"My turn."
Punching outwards with both arms, Alaric sent out a vast and powerful charge of golden lightning from his hands. The old man was knocked flying backwards and he was punched straight through the wall of the building behind him.
Alaric flew upwards and soared away until he was a tiny dot in the sky.

The old man came to. He shook his head to clear away the dizziness and looked around the check for any hurt civilians. Thankfully, there was none. Exiting through the hole in the building's side, the old man looked up towards the sky. He pressed a few buttons on his wristwatch and a small police-band radio popped out. The old man raised the radio and spoke. "This is Biospark to PortalCorp. We have a code M-52. Over.

A electronic voice spoke. "This is Portal Corp. We copy. Sending a patrol unit to your area. Head back to base so we can index the runner. Over."

Biospark walked a few paces away from the building. He knew that the patrol unit would have a superpower that could take care of collateral damage. So all that was left was catching this new threat and immobilizing it.  A dull pain throbbed as Biospark lifted up his spandex costume and noticed the large bruise in his abdomen. He placed his left hand over the wound and a green bands covered the area, dispelling the purple mark. After that, Biospark commanded the winds and with a blast of air, he took off from the ground and soared into the sky. Upon reaching a few hundred feet, Biospark looked through Peregrine Island. He thought he saw a black shape trailing gold soaring through the sky but Biospark would leave that to the patrol unit. For now, it was time to head back to base.
Title: Re: Back Story Contest
Post by: Paragon Avenger on November 24, 2015, 07:41:32 PM
OK.  I'll play.  How many can we post?

This is our forum, you can post just as much as you want.

BTW:  This isn't an actual contest.  There are no losers, except for that ParagonLurker guy.
Also, there are no prizes, except that others can read your bio/back stories.
Title: Re: Back Story Contest
Post by: Paragon Avenger on November 27, 2015, 05:37:47 AM
The legend tells about a great golden dragon that will rise up and free the world from the grip of evil.  The legends reports his abilities, and his bravery, and his sense of justice.  The legends rambles on-and-on about his various feats and conquests.  Let's just say that Super Golden Dragon doesn't disappoint too much.