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Title: Dry pompous ramblings #2...
Post by: ZoeyLovecraft90 on July 08, 2015, 02:09:38 AM
I've been playing a game with my friends recently. I won't name it to avoid a rage induced server crash. I'll say that I like this game very much and I'll go as far as to say that it's better than City of Heroes. That's not to say that I love it more than City of Heroes.

I noticed that this game's auction house is FAR easier to deal with than Wentworths. All items have a limit on how much gold you can sell it for. This is something I always wanted in City of Heroes. I only ever had ONE fully IOd toon because people would sell their sets for outrageous amounts of Influence.
And the only reason I got the amount needed (4 times the currency cap) to fully spec my healer is because I got a loan from one of my friends who had a farmer toon on Freedom. I noticed that the amount of success in gameplay you'll have in this game is completely based on how rich you are and how many farms you run in AE on freedom per day.

In the game I'm currently playing, my character isn't as reliant on getting lucky in the auction house to become stronger. You can only sell certain items for certain amounts. Please instate this in City of Heroes upon re-release.

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