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Title: Retiring the Plan Z Forums
Post by: TonyV on September 05, 2014, 12:56:37 PM
Hey all, back when City of Heroes shut down, there was a lot of scrambling by various teams to get their project web sites set up.  While they were doing so, the Titan Network was a convenient place to host forums regarding those projects since we had most of the City of Heroes community collected all in one place here.

Now, however, it is almost two years later, and all of the Plan Z projects have set up their respective web sites.  Now, they need to be building their own respective user bases, and using their own sites and social media outlets to distribute news and information as firsthand resources.

Accordingly, we're going to be retiring the forums that we created for Heroes and Villains and City of Titans in a couple of weeks.  I've informed Golden Girl and Nate about this, and here's how the time frame is going to go:

In a week (on or around September 12), I'm going to lock all of the forums under the "Plan Z: Heroes and Villains" and "Plan Z: City of Titans" sections.  The project admins will still be able to post there, but all other users won't.  A week after that (on or around September 19), I am going to hide the forums to everyone except the project admins to give them a little extra time to move off anything they want to their own site.  I will also place a permanent link under the "Plan Z: General" section to each project's respective web site (as there is one now for Valiance Online).  Two to four weeks after that, I will permanently remove the forums.

Please don't misunderstand this move as being because of any kind of falling out or anything; it's not.  Truth be known, I never really intended for those forums to be there as long as they have been, but I've been lazy in pushing folks to migrate off of them.  I mainly just want to make sure that these projects' sites get the traffic and visitors they deserve so that they can be fully up-and-running, independent sites.

Here are some links to the projects' forums: