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Title: Introducing the Titan Network Facebook page!
Post by: TonyV on September 03, 2014, 03:03:44 PM
Hey Facebookers,

tl;dr version: Here's our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TheTitanNetwork), and if you like and follow us, it will make us feel all warm and gooey inside!

ntl;dmrm version:

A long, long time ago (back in December 2010 to be precise), we created a Facebook page to be our official home on one of the most popular social media sites on the Internet.  We then promptly got busy with other things and just kind of left it out there, hanging and unpublished.  When news of the shutdown hit, several City of Heroes-related Facebook pages sprung up and, to be honest, I wanted to support community involvement by giving some of these pages a chance to take off instead of just adding to the fray.

As we've progressed, however, I feel like we need a spot where people can get a steady stream of vetted news and information and cool stuff directly relevant to City of Heroes, a place with a really high signal-to-noise ratio.  Accordingly, for the past week or so, we've been playing around with the old Titan Network page and, a couple of days ago, pushed the button to make it public.

To be honest, we're still working out what exactly the page will be ultimately.  Currently, we have it so that our admins here can add stuff to it that, if you follow it, will show up on your wall.  You can also submit stuff to it, but anything submitted will have to be vetted by an editor before being published on there.  If something you don't submit doesn't get published, please don't take it personally or get mad or anything; it might just be that it's a particularly heavy news day or even that all of the editors are busy.

What we will be publishing, though, are things that are directly relevant to the City of Heroes community.  Things like (this is not an exhaustive list!):

...and so on.  We're going to try to avoid posting non-CoH-related stuff, but if something is just of such a magnitude of interest that we feel that everyone should know about it, we reserve the right to post whatever we want.  Hopefully you'll agree, but by all means, tell us if we screw up!  (Preferably civilly!  ;))

So drop on by, like and follow us, and help us shape what the page will be!

Oh, and in case you didn't know...

We also have a well-maintained Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/thetitannetwork)!

Feel free to discuss this announcement here (http://www.cohtitan.com/forum/index.php/topic,10293.0.html).