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You might want to read, "A PENGUIN Story" first.  (reference is made to it, but it isn't important.)

He hid his money in a secret hollow in his left shoe.  He had several secret hiding places for his valuables.  This was the new reality.  He had to take whatever precautions he could think of in Atlas Park these days.  Gone were the good old days when anyone could walk down the street unaware of their surroundings.  When if Hellions tried anything, heroes would jump them.  As Paragon City citizens would back away, they could see the bad guys frozen, inside fire circles with electricity shooting towards them.  And a weird hum, and a green aura filling the area.  What a sight to see.
Today was different, as if some evil force threw a switch, the heroes are gone.  The Paragon City Police try, I guess, but not to the extent to make us feel safe.  The Longbow and the Vanguard seem to be busy elsewhere.  If he ever got noticed by one of the unruly street gangs, he would head for the nearest police drone.  They always work, but getting to one before getting beaten is not always possible.
Despite all the danger, he had to go to the rave.  DJ Zero would be rocking the house.  DJ Zero used to rock the heroes in Pocket D, so you know he's good.  But that wasn't the reason he had to go.  Yep, he met a woman.  Jenny Hall was her name.  They had met while watching a penguin superhero battle a military themed street gang.  What was their name?  There are so many street gangs these days.
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It was simple, just check out the window and see which exits didn't have street gangs around it.  Front door, Clockwork hanging around,  East door, yikes Vahzalok, Fire escape, clear.  He went down the fire escape quiet and quick.  Now cross the street and along the wall.  He had this part memorized, if he stayed tight to the wall and didn't look down then he could get to the yellow line without notice.  It worked!  Now up the ramp, and of course, the train just left.  The train finally pulled in.  He got on and found a seat.  Steel Canyon North was several minutes away.  He had time to remember.  Remember how it used to be, when riding the train meant giving up his seat to the hero task force hot on the trail of some villain.  At times, he couldn't even get on the train.  And by the way, never never never step on a hero's cape.  He made that mistake once.  Seeing a superhero turn into a rock monster still haunts his dreams.  Fortunately, there was another hero there to claim down the one with a footprint on the bottom of his cape.
Today he didn't have to worry about that.  He had arrived at Steel Canyon North, and the rave was just up the street.  He thought about Jenny Hall, how lovely she is.  They liked to work out together at the gym.  She was always showing off how long she could run and bike.  He would counter by showing off at the bench press.
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Post by: Paragon Avenger on July 21, 2014, 01:50:32 AM
He never liked Steel Canyon much.  Looking at the tall buildings made him dizzy.  And the street gangs were tougher and meaner than in ole AP.  There are these ones that can shoot fire.  Basically, he didn't want to get involved with any of the gangs.  He walked to the rave house.  The bouncer checked his pass and waved him through.
Loud music?  Check.  Laser lights?  Check.  Where's Jenny?
Could she be just running late, sometimes women take longer to get ready.  It's usually worth the wait.  Could she have gotten caught by purse snatchers?  His mind flashed back to the day they met.  She talked about the street gang that tried to steal her purse, and how a talking penguin saved her life and her purse.  He remembered how shaken she was when that same penguin zapped her on top of the Atlas statute.  Superheroes were always doing junk like that.  Either to show off or impress or frighten.
He used to resent the heroes and their "we're superheroes, we can do anything we want" attitude.  The city was a lot safer and better off with the heroes.  Funny how you want something gone until it's gone.
"Hi!" Said Jenny coming up behind him.
"You look awesome tonight."  He replied.
They hugged and kissed.
"Hey, do you want some wine or something?"  He asked.
Before she could answer the fire alarm rung.
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Post by: Paragon Avenger on July 24, 2014, 02:33:17 AM
Stupid kids, he thought to his self.  It's not funny to pull the fire alarm in a crowded building like this.  Before he could react, Jenny said, as if she could hear his thoughts, "This is no teenaged prank.  We better get out of here!"
He could see the smoke now.  "This way."  He said ushering her towards the closest exit.  As the smoke grew denser, people started panicking and screaming and pushing.  DJ Zero announced that the party is being moved outside and we should all leave orderly.  It was a nice try.  He told Jenny to wait outside.  He had to help conduct ravers to safety.  Someone could get trampled!  About eight people helped move the crowd through the exits.  When he got outside, he saw something that made him feel like he had never felt before.
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Up until now, he had always been a live and let live kind of guy.  He use to believe that if you got involved in a street gang you were probably asking for it, or at the very least careless.  After all, the gangs added a certain aesthetic to the city.  The danger they created made life seem more alive.  All that foolishness left him in an instant as he gazed upon the scene right outside the rave.  Sure, he always liked to help people when he could without putting his self in too much peril.  But now he would have to act.  For not only did the Hellions start the fire, but they were fighting the fire fighters.  And if that wasn't bad enough, they were holding the partiers hostage.  The rage that flashed through his mind consumed every other thought.  He wished he could throw ice on the Hellions and on the building too.  He ran toward the nearest Hellion and as he threw a left hook at the jaw of his foe, his fist was covered in a block of ice.  The mighty blow sent the bad guy reeling.  So he flung his right hand at another gang member, thinking that the ice block on that hand might fly off and hit him.  Instead, a bolt of ice shot out of his hand.  He didn't even consider what this meant.  He just kept fighting the Hellions.
One Hellion threw a fire bolt at him.  It only made him angrier.
Once all the Hellions had been defeated, and after a girl scout gave him a camp fire badge, he had one thought.  JENNY!
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Post by: Paragon Avenger on July 25, 2014, 01:43:47 AM
"Who are you?"  Jenny cried.
She was hurt and confused.
Why didn't he tell her that he was a superhero?
He stood there dumfounded.
"Just leave me alone!"  Jenny stormed as she ran towards the green line station.
"Jenny, wait..."  But it was too late, she was gone.
He would get her back, but first he has to figure out what just happened.  He fought an entire group of Hellions, how is that possible.
He figured Jenny just needed a couple days to calm down.
The library in the university might help, somehow.  He remembered seeing supers going in and out of there all the time.
"I saw what you did."  Said a small gruff voice.
As he walked in the library.
"I would have helped, but my ... doctor said to take it easy.  Yeah, my doctor said take it easy, yeah.". Continued the voice.
"I know you." He said, "you're Super..."
"Fire Dragon.  Yes, that's me." Super Fire Dragon said.
"I know you have a ton of questions." SFD continued.
"The answer is I don't know or I forgot or maybe I don't care."
He was too stunned to think about all the questions that he had.  He was talking to a four foot tall golden dragon wearing a blue toga.  He had heard the legends surrounding this dragon.  His bravery was surpassed only by his silliness.  SFD was known for his great fire powers, but also his battlecry.  Somehow "I think they're over there" just doesn't seem right.  And yet, here he was and it all seemed to be right.
"Yes, you're a superhero.  You're not a villain are you, no.". SFD started.
"So we need to begin your training."
"Wait, are you going to train me?" He asked in amazement.
"Why sure.  I was once just like you.  Only I'm a dragon and you're a human.  And I have fire powers and you have ice powers.  Oh, and I was trained through the now defunct superhero program.  And I can fly.  Walking is so pedestrian.  But other than those minor differences, I was exactly like you are now."
This is going to be tough training he thought to his self.
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Post by: Paragon Avenger on July 26, 2014, 05:42:53 PM
He used to dislike almost everything about them.  The way the superheroes would practically run this town.  He remembered seeing them run past purse snatchings to take the train.  Of course, to be fair, he reminded himself that the police used to hold up the wall as things like that were happening right in front of their eyes.  He expected more from the superheroes.  He thought how he would have to stand in line for several minutes to get in a restaurant, but superheroes line jumped and went right in.  He recalled how tough it was to get a date, because the girls wanted to go out with supers.  He thought back when he was a little boy growing up in Atlas Park.  He wanted to get the Paragon Avenger's autograph and maybe a picture.  But no, PA was too busy running seemingly aimlessly around the zone.  Heroes were always running everywhere they went.  He thought how much trust was given to these disguise wearing freaks.  Behind a mask, a person could do anything.
Even though he missed the heroes, he still felt the bitterness of deep resentment towards them.  And now, he was one of ... them.
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He had never even been to Talos Island before.  He meant to visit all the city zones that were open to the general public, but there wasn't always enough time.  There was always enough danger. He had gotten around you understand, just not to every zone.  He lived in Atlas and went to Steel when he needed to.  He had been to Founders' Falls and Overbrook.  A friend of his dared him to go to Croatoa for Halloween, but he refused. His friend went and hasn't been heard from since.
Super Fire Dragon said to meet him here in Talos between Wentworth's and the train station.  There was no sign of that dragon, but he was early.  He was anxious to begin his training.  He had already made a list of his known powers.  He had stealth which explained his ability to navigate Atlas Park without the locals taking notice.  He had super strength which explained his capabilities at the bench press.  He had Ice Melee and Ice Blast.  Also, he noticed that he can tell a bad guy from a regular citizen just by looking.  When he looked at a bad guy, he would get a sense of a color.  As he looked around he saw bad guys that felt yellow to him.  And others that looked orange.  He even could see red and purple bad guys.  He would have to ask SFD about that.  He hoped that it is a hero thing and that he isn't going crazy.
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There was a slight twinging sound and a starburst of light, and there was Super Fire Dragon.  Now wearing a white dress shirt and black neck tie---pantless, of course.
"SFD!  Over here." He said as he waved to the dragon.
"I have some questions," he stated, "and don't say you forgot."
"Who are you?"  SFD said jokingly.
"First, where have all the heroes gone?". He said ignoring his trainer's attempt at humor.
"OK, OK, I'll tell you what I know.". SFD began.
"The deal is, nobody knows for sure.  The best minds have guessed that they are in another dimension.  It is even possible that we are the ones on a different dimension.  One 'brilliant' scientist theorized that we might only exist on an on line forum somewhere in hyperspace.  What a crack-pot."  Super chuckled.
"Wow, that blows my mind.". He said.  "Oh by the way," he said recovering his train of thought, "I've noticed that I have the ability to tell a bad guy from an ordinary citizen."
"Yeah," the fire dragon laughed, " especially the Freakshow I'll bet."
"Come on," he pleaded, "I'm trying to be serious here."
"Yes, that is a hero thing, and it comes in handy at times.". SFD replied trying to not be too serious.
"Also, I get the sense of a color when I look at them."  He asked worried that he might be strange or different.
"You're weird." SFD said still trying not to be too serious.
"Man, you should have seen your face."  SFD laughed.
"That too is a hero thing."
"I'm trying to figure this @&%$ out!". He complained.
"Of course,"  SFD explained, "I'll try, but I'm a tanker not a trainer."
"I thought you were my trainer."  He insisted.
"And you have the right to a good trainer.  Ask me anything.". SFD said trying to be serious which is difficult for him.  Why they sent him to train a new hero is a mystery.  Super Fire Dragon remembered his own training.  He was instructed about levels and travel and enhancements and so forth.
"The colors?" He said in that well duh, hello voice, " What do they mean?"
"Ah yes," SFD said coming back to the moment, "I'm no expert about numbers.  Green is like 10 levels below you and yellow is 6 levels above you and red is cheese levels above you and what is the square root of smoke, again?"
"That doesn't make sense.  Do you even know?" He questioned.
"Like I said, I'm no good with numbers.  Let me explain it this way." The dragon answered.
Super Fire Dragon explained the color system in terms of the highest to the lowest avoiding numbers, especially the square root of smoke.
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He knew that Super Fire Dragon is a very successful superhero.  He is well respected in the hero community, but this dragon is driving him nuts.  The first thing is that SFD looks like a cuddlely stuffed animal.  The kind you would buy for your baby sister.  He also has "killer pet" written all over him.  However, how can you not know how to count to ten?  And his "dry wit" isn't a good match for trying to learn life and death hero stuff.  He wondered if there was another hero somewhere who could train him.
"And that is why we never flirt with the Crey miniskirts.". SFD finished yet another pointless lecture.  "Any questions?"  SFD asked.  The dragon pondered his fate.  Stuck playing kindergarten teacher to this humorless human while there are villains to fight
If I have to explain the color system one more time, I'll knock him into next week, SFD thought to his self.
"Yes," he began, "a bad guy who is red is 3 levels above, or an elite boss?"
"OK, time for your flying lesson." The fire dragon said grabbing him and leaping into the air.
"Hey!". He yelled.  "Put me down!"
"As you wish." SFD said knowingly.
The dragon put our new hero on top of the slightly slippery Talos statue.  The dragon hovering just out of reach.
"Listen," SFD started, "If you want this to work we got to cooperate."
"Of-of course." He stammered as he tried to get a solid foothold.
"I'll try to be more patient,"  SFD bargained, "but you got to pay more attention.  And also stop aasking me about numbers.  Numbers are a human concept.  I don't like numbers."
"OK, OK, no numbers. Just get me down to the ground.". He cried.
Just then he lost his footing and started to plummet to the concert statue base.
The dragon without hesitation started down after him.
"Heeeeeelllllllppppppp!" He screamed.
Super Fire Dragon grabbed him and caught him several inches before disaster.
"With over cheese feet to spare!". SFD said very pleased with himself for saving his trainee and for correctly identifying the amount of space left.
"Hey," he steamed, "you almost got me killed!  And for your information that was way less than a foot.  That was..." He stopped realizing that he would need to mention numbers again, and he didn't want to know what this dragon would do next.
"You need to trust me." SFD explained.  "Yes, I can't count pass 11d12, but I know this stuff.  Just now, if I had been too late."
"I don't want to think about it." He interrupted.
"Stop interrupting!" SFD said sternly.  "If I hadn't caught you, you would have been teleported to the closest hospital.  I have spent my share of time there.  Believe me."
"Can we ever die?". He asked seriously.
"Not really." SFD cautioned, "but don't get too brave.  I have seen friends of mine die too many times and one day they just don't come back."
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(Author's Note: I almost want to leave it there.  That makes a nice albeit sloppy ending.  There is, however, one loose end that needs attention.)
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Bing-bong, the doorbell rang.  Jenny Hall lived in a nice apartment in a secure building in downtown Atlas Park.  It had the foyer, she called it that, but really it was just the end of the hall leading to the door.  There was a hall closet and linen closet on the left side of the hallway.  On the right was the pass-through bathroom which led to the bedroom.  The hall opened up to a front room/living room with a kitchen and storage area off to one side.  It was decorated effeminately bordering on little-girlish.  The apartment had been leased to a gay guy and she never got around to redecorating it.  Besides her treadmill and stationary bicycle looked interesting in the pink room with white frilly curtains.  She felt safe in these cute and functional rooms.  She couldn't imagine who was at the door, but she was sure whoever it was had to pass security.
"Who is it?" She asked through the door.
"Jenny, it's me." He said making that same grammar error that most English speakers make.  The reflective pronoun is not objective.
Jenny ignoring the grammatical error, opened the door.
"Hey," she said trying to hide her emotions of embarrassment for running off the last time and anger for his hiding his superpowers from her.
"I brought you something." He said bringing his hand from behind his back.
"Flowers," she exclaimed, "for me?". Dispute her athleticism, flowers could always melt her heart.
"And this." He said.  Handing her a box of chocolates.  "Corny, right.". He said getting hit in the side of the face with her ponytail.
"I'll put these in water, come in, sit down." She told him.  Flowers and chocolates, corny yes, but also welcome.  She snuck a chocolate as she put the flowers in a vase and added water.
"Honest, I didn't know." He explained.  "I just starting fighting those guys and you know it happened."
"You had no idea?" She asked unconvinced.
"I would have told you had I known." He reassured her.
"OK, I believe you." She decided.  In the short time that they have been dating, he hasn't kept any secrets from her.  And being a superhero is a pretty big secret.  "Can you stay for dinner?" She asked.
And sometimes it's just that simple, he thought.  Being frank and honest always works.  Relationships are hard work.  The professional relationship you have with your trainer or the romantic relationship you have with your girlfriend, they both require knowing what the other partner wants, needs, and respects.  Now, if he could only figure out this color system.
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"OK, today is all about attack." Super Fire Dragon began.
He was ready for this.  Last night he got Jenny back, and he now wanted a piece of this dragon.  Maybe he couldn't fly, but he knew he plowed through those Hellions while this dragon made excuses.  SFD didn't look so tough anyway.  He wanted to pound his trainer so bad.
"Ummm, a wise man once said, 'look eye, always look eye!' so do that." SFD explained quoting The Karate Kid.  Super Fire Dragon was dressed for fighting wearing red boxer shorts and gloves and red boxing boots.  "OK, throw a punch."
His dream came true, he thought about that day on the statue and those stupid jokes and his rage went from zero to cheese in nothing flat.  Great, he has me doing it now.
"Cheese is not a number!" He cried as he throw a right cross.
"Careful, that might become your battlecry." Super Fire Dragon said unaffected by the mighty ice fist.
"Why you, here's for that stunt with the statue." He exclaimed as he throw a left hook at SFD's jaw.
"Nope," taunted the dragon, "I liked the first one better."  SFD was still not even hurt by the new hero's attacks.  But being an excellent taunter, SFD had to withstand several more attacks.
"And here's for being a lousy stinking superhero." He yelled as he shot ice at the fire dragon.  "Why aren't you being affected by my powers?" He asked in frustration.
"You just learned the difference between a level 20 or so and a level cheese or 50+ or whatever I am." SFD explained.  "You can't do enough damage to take me on.  If I were a bad guy I would be very purple to you and you would be extremely gray to me.  I know that you don't like me.  News flash, I can't stand you.  It's a match made in heaven." SFD explained.
He had finally learned the color system.  It wasn't about level and/or rank and it certainly wasn't about cheese.  It was about you versus your opponent.  This dragon was the weirdest teacher he had ever had.  He still felt resentment towards his trainer, but the dragon had earned his respect.
"OK, look over there at those Circle of Thorns." SFD instructed.  "Go attack them."
"I don't want to get involved," our hero stated, "they haven't done nothing to me.  Ouch!"
Super Fire Dragon delivered a much needed dope slap to the back of his head.
"They're Circle of Thorns, you don't need a list of cheese reasons." The dragon said.
"OK, but cheese isn't a number." He said as he ran into the group of CoT.
"What a stupid battlecry." SFD mused.
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He dove in.  He was landing right upper cuts and left crosses, right jabs and left hooks.  He saw a guide drop to the ground.  He started shooting ice at a defender, and then a guard.  Both CoT Freaks dropped to the ground.  "Oh boy, this is too easy." he thought to himself.  As he turned to attack the last Circle of Thorns in this group, he was frozen in earth.  A Force Mage!  He stood there motionless as the mage took away his life.  He thought that if he could break free, that mage would regret it.  He thought that it isn't fair to be held helpless like this.  He thought where's that stupid dragon when you need him.Right before he fell, he saw SFD set the mage on fire.
He woke up in the hospital just as Super Fire Dragon had earlier predicted.  He pulled the tubes and wires from his body, found his pants and made his way to the elevator.  He guessed that the giant blue 3 on the wall meant that he was on the third floor.  He pushed the down button.
"Where were you!"  He angrily shouted at SFD as soon as the elevator doors opened to the lobby and he saw that dragon.
"I was right across the street the whole time." SFD said calmly.
"You just let me die!" He said not very calmly.
"And yet, here you are very much not dead." SFD observed.  "First, see hospital, nice safety net.  Let it embolden to try more difficult things.  Second, always take down the mezzer first.  Whatever comes next, have a fall back plan."
"You are a piece of work, you know that?"  He said as he walked out of the hospital.  He wanted to learn this stuff, but why couldn't he have flash cards or crib notes.  No, with this dragon everything was, "hey, let's do it the hard way.". There has to be another way to do this.  Some way that doesn't involve the hospital.
"What a noob." SFD said mumbling to his self.  Every time I give him a great lesson, I get zero thanks.  I even think that he might be mad at me.  Weird, here I am teaching him for free.  Hey, that's it.  I'll start charging him.  That will make sure he values these lessons.
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"I'm so glad, we're back together.". Jenny told him smiling broadly.
"Me too."  He replied.  They had agreed to meet for lunch.  Jenny was no longer upset with his being a superhero and not telling her.  It wasn't that she disliked them as he did.  She had always thought the supers were like firemen, there when you need them.  When Waddles rescued her, she was thrilled.  When Waddles showed her the top of the Atlas statue, she was terrified.  From that moment on she began to mistrust the supers.  They have too much power.  They are given too many privileges.  They have no control.  A super penguin can abduct you, they can do anything.
"I started training with a superhero." He blurted out derailing her train of thought.
"Not Waddle!" She gasped.  She still held a grudge against that penguin.  She had heard that he broke free from the Malta Group and that Crey  and the Freakshow were looking for him.  But that was before the heroes disappointed.
"No, it's a dragon." He answered.  "You see the thing is he's teaching me a lot, but, well, I hate him.  We jjust don't seem to get along at all. Maybe Waddles could train me?"
"That penguin has the mental faculties of a small child."  She reminded him.  What's so horrible about this dragon, does he have bad breath? "
"Very funny." He said seeing the dragon breath pun.  "He teaches me stuff, good stuff, but the way he does it seems like the most difficult, most dangerous way."
"Really," she asked, "give me an example."
"Well," he began, "for starters he put me on top of the Talos statue.  You know, the one in Talos Island harbor."
"You went to Talos!" Jenny exclaimed.  "You know that I have wanted to go to TI.  Why didn't you take me?"
"That's what you heard, 'I went to Talos?" He complained.  "I fell off that statue and nearly died!"
"What?" She came back to the conversation.  "You fell?  What happened?"
"It caught me.". He was reliving the scene where SFD allowed him to fall several feet scaring him half to death.
"I don't follow." She said.
"Oh that dragon caught me inches from the ground.  And if that wasn't bad enough," he continued, "he told me to go fight some of those guys with those spooky robes."
"Circle of Thorns.  You fought the Circle of Thorns?". She asked very impressed with him.  More impressed with him than she had ever been.
"Yes, but," he expounded, "that dragon watched me get killed."
"You're not dead." She said worried that he might be going crazy or something.
"No, I woke up in the hospital after being teleported there."
"You were in the hospital?" Jenny was amazed.
"It was no big deal, but that dragon was there at the hospital to gloat, I guess." He reassured her.  Telling Jenny how bad this dragon has been is proving harder to do than he thought.  She's not getting the point.  The dragon is bad.  "You're not getting my meaning, that dragon is trying to get me killed!"
"I don't know," Jenny said, "it sounds to me like the dragon is helping you.  He saved you when you fell and he came to visit you in the hospital.  He sounds like a good friend to me.
He tried explaining it to her, but the more he tried the more she took the dragon's side.  " Girls just don't understand superhero training he thought.
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"Wow, so this is Independence Port?" Jenny marveled.
Jenny had never been to any other city zone except Atlas Park, Steel Canyon and King's Row.  She never liked traveling and sometimes the train rides could get ugly.  She remembered seeing some guy get beaten up for stepping on a superhero's cape.  Yes, she too has seen the excesses of the heroes.  She swore that she would never forget the day her best friend, Susan, was captured by the Circle of Thorns.  She stood across the street watching in horror as the CoT danced and chanted while super after super ran by to the ... tailor shop.  Susan was rescued by a short golden dragon wearing a blue toga.  She never did get his name, because as soon as Susan was safe, he ran off to the tailor's.  Speaking of costumes, she had long ago lost count of all the costume contests under the Atlas statue she had witnessed.  You might think the most important part of being a superhero was the costume.  Granted, heroes need to look their best.  After all, would anyone trust a disheveled super?  But there must be a happy medium. Besides costume contests, the heroes would stand around under the Atlas statue basically doing nothing.  That's right, they would just stand around doing nothing while crime and gangs took over the city.  That's why she didn't travel much, because the heroes were in Atlas and the gangs had taken over the rest of the city.
"They say that there is a giant octopus in the harbor someplace." He replied.  This was his first trip to IP as well.  Though he had been to other zones, this one never intrigued him.  Maybe it was the nuclear power plant in the middle of the zone.  Maybe it was the dirty docks.  Maybe it was the spooky abandoned bridge.  Whatever it was, the only reason he was here now was to meet Super Fire Dragon.  Yes, it was time for more training.  He allowed Jenny to convince him to keep training with SFD, because the rewards from Jenny were definitely worth it.
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"Nobody believes that old story." Jenny answered remembering that her boyfriend was there.  It wasn't that she forgot, she just was thinking about how much she hated supers.  He's a super now.  I hope he'll be different.  She thought.
"Where is that stupid dragon?" He asked ignoring what she had said.  He had only been trying to make conversation when he mentioned the octopus.  After the supers disappeared, the octopus stories stopped.  Some believe that the supers had just made up the octopus.  Others think that those who get close enough to see it might get too close and get eaten.  But he wasn't thinking about some silly giant fish tale.  He was tthinking about his trainer.  What will be this new lesson?  What foolish way was the dragon going to teach it?  He brought Jenny along so she could see for herself just how difficult the dragon is to work with.
"My fault, my fault.  I was thinking Peregrine Island, PI."  explained Super Fire Dragon.  "You're not ready for PI, TI sure and IP should be easy.  MI is no place for you either, mercy." SFD shuddered as he thought of Mercy Island.  Although he is a hero, at one time, while on the trail of some nefarious villains, he had to go rogue.  He misses his pet Mu.  He had gotten it when he was an undercover villain.  He had to give it up after going through a much needed respecification.
"OK, dragon," he said getting down to business, "what are we going to do today?"
"Did you put on your grumpy pants this morning?" SFD complained.  "Oh, hello." SFD said to Jenny.  "What's your name little girl?  I'm a good dragon.  I haven't eaten anyone all day." SFD laughed.
"Hi, my name is Jenny Hall.  And I think you rescued my best friend once." Jenny responded ignoring that 'little girl' remark.
"I would remember only if she were as pretty as you." SFD flirted.
"Back off dragon!" He interjected.
"Cool it!" Jenny snapped.  "We're just talking."
"This is our cheese-th lesson, and he still doesn't understand me." SFD added.  "You would understand me.  How I'm a misunderstood dragon just trying to help people." SFD cooed with big sad puppy-dog eyes.
"Ahhhh, can we keep him?"  Jenny gasped.
"What?  No!  Com'on." He said feeling like he just lost his girlfriend.
SFD whimpered.  Jenny began stroking the dragon.
"Hey, keep it above the beltline.  I don't know you that well." SFD joked breaking the mood.
"Hey!" Jenny exclaimed.  "You had me under a spell or something."
"What are you trying to pull, dragon?" He accused.
"Sorry, I got carried away.  I have powers to taunt and to placate."  SFD apologized.
"Don't do it again, or I'll break your wings off.  If you know what I mean." Jenny threatened.
"OK, that lesson was for free.  Sometimes you don't need to fight.  You can charm you opponent.  Again, I'm sorry I manipulated you, Jimmy.". SFD taught.
"Jenny!" Jenny fumed.
"Jenny, of course.  I must ask you to leave.  I've got to teach this guy a lesson he won't soon forget." SFD said soothingly.
"Well, ok, but no more mind games." Jenny calmed down.  She couldn't stay mad at this cute dragon.  She wanted to hug him and pet him and maybe have him take her flying.  She thought of him as a pet, a live stuffed animal.
"What a lovely woman." SFD said loud enough for Jenny to hear even as she walked away.  Unfortunately SFD's comments were overheard by a group of Family members.  SFD's taunt power must've been active, because the Family attacked.

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"I'll take out the Consigliere he's more than you can handle.  You get the 5 or cheese Button Men Gunners."  Super Fire Dragon ordered.  This wasn't really his style.  Even though his is a tank and has been the team leader loads of times, he usually let each team member do whatever they thought best.  But this situation called for a strong leader with plenty of experience.
"Right, but as I told you before, cheese is not a number." He said as he charged into battle.
"We have got to get him a better battlecry." SFD thought to himself.
SFD made quick work of the hopelessly outclassed Consigliere.  The hardest part was letting that human battle the gunners alone.  But we mustn't kill steal that isn't nice.
The bullets and ice were flying.  He realized that these gunners most likely get no close-in game.  He advanced and began swinging his ice covered fists.  He dropped them like sacks of potatoes.  He felt so good and alive.
"I have to go to the hospital." He said.
"Why?" SFD puzzled, "You're not dead."
"I got shot!" He panicked.  "Here and here" He said pointing to bullet wounds.  "And in the leg."
"Oh right," SFD said realizing that he has never been wounded like this before, "take this." SDF continued handing him a shiny green pill.
"I don't do drugs." He insisted.
"It's not a drug," the dragon said, "it's a treatment for your wounds."
"Does it work on humans?" He asked remembering that this dragon isn't always 100%.
"It works on supers." SFD said impatiently.
He popped it in his mouth.  It tasted like every sweet green food he had ever ate.  And his wounds started to heal and he felt even better.
"That was a respite." SFD started anticipating the question.  "It heals wounds and improves your health.  Never go into battle without them."
"You tell me this now?" He joked.
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"For taking down the Consigliere, 2 and 10.  A tanner for the respite and 7 and 6 for the lesson.  Comes to 3 guinea 2 pounds 15 shillings and 9 pence." Super Fire Dragon calculated, if you could call it that.
"What?!" He said stunned.
"I'm going to have to start charging for these lessons." SFD stated.
"Well, OK maybe, but why charge me in old British money?" He said puzzled.
"Old money?" SFD asked, "They don't use bobs and farlings anymore?"
"No, they switched to pounds and peas some time ago." He said not being an expert on British currency.
"Drat!" SFD complained, "I was looking forward to a guinea.  They sound yummy."
"Without going into a bunch of details that I'm not sure about,"  He started, "let's drop the British currency."
"OK, let's see about 1500 influence should cover it." SFD guessed.
"1500 is kind of steep." He choked.  "Maybe you mean 150?"
"Give me a break, the respite cost 50 or half a sneeze." SFD struggled.  Numbers and math are not among his better skills, but he didn't want to get cheated.
"Oh yes, I forgot." He said understandingly.  "You and numbers are like oil and water.  Tell you what, let's get a third party in on this."
"Yeah, OK, but remember, you owe me." SFD threatened.  Sure, he wanted to help train this guy, but he also didn't really like him very much.  He knew that these private lessons were worth more than a cheese dozen influence.
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"There is a very important reason why we are in Independence Port." Super Fire Dragon began.  "And it is not to fight those Family creeps."
He wondered what this dragon was up to.  After all, he had done well against 5 Button Men Gunners.  He had learned that some bad guys were better at ranged attacks and others were better at melee attacks.  He had learned about being mezzed and about going to the hospital, which usually followied being mezzed..  He even learned about those green pills.  He liked the green pills.  What more could there be to this hero stuff anyway?
SFD thought about all the stuff he would have to teach this newbie.  The Auction House, The Midnighters' Club, Croatoa,, Cimorora, min/maxing, min waxing, no wait not that.  Anyway SFD was thinking about the next challenge.  SFD knew he couldn't do it alone, but he would need to at least introduce this new hero to Lusca, the Devilfish.  Lusca is a giant octopus.  Yes, the legend is true!
"So, what now, dragon?" He snarled.
"Guy whose name escapes me, meet Lusca!". SFD replied self-assurdedly.
Just then, as if on cue, a giant octopus appeared.  It's ugly head rose above the water and it's sickening eyes glared into space.  At least eight tentacles waved and wriggled around its head.
"Lusca is a Giant Monster.  And a damn nuance.  When you see a GM get help and kill it." SFD instructed.
"Why not kill it now." He asked running towards the beast.  Yes, it was purple, but it's just a fish.  It has no guns, no knives, no machine guns.  Kill it he thought.
"You'll need about 7/16 or cheese supers for help." SFD said not realizing that he had already charged Lusca.
"I can handle this overgrown tuna.  Besides, cheese is not a number." He said not realizing that "Cheese is not a number!" Had become his battlecry.
SFD turned and jumped and flapped his wings.  He was now headed to the hospital to meet this foolish human who would soon be there..
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"You bastard?" He exclaimed as the elevator doors opened and he saw Super Fire Dragon standing there.  "You let me die!  Where were you?  Why didn't you help?"
"Glad to see you're feeling better." SFD started.  "I told you that we couldn't take that monster on by ourselves."
"So you didn't even try!" He accused.
"I can't fly to the moon," SFD explained, "Why should I try?"
"OK, that's it!"  He said without thinking, "I don't want to do this anymore."
"But I have loads to teach you." SFD pleaded,  "Like how to..."
"I don't care." He interrupted.  He was finished with this know-it-all dragon.  These so-called lessons are going to get him killed permanently.  This dragon is way too reckless.  Whatever he needed to know he could pick up along the way.
"So this is goodbye?" SFD asked.
"Dragon, I'll always be grateful..." He said.
"You don't have to say it." SFD interrupted.
"Come here dragon." He said.
Super Fire Dragon took a couple steps toward our new hero.
He grabbed the dragon and hugged him.
He felt that he might never see this stupid dragon again.
"You were my best and favorite student." SFD stated.
"I was your first and only student." He countered.  "Look maybe one more lesson."
"Well there are a couple things that need work." SFD began.  "First, you need a name."
"I have a name." He replied.
"A Superhero Name!" SFD insisted.
"Ice Manix" He said.
"Ice Manix, I hate it; it's perfect."
"Thanks!" He said.
" Oh, and dude, 'Cheese is not a number' is a horrible battlecry. " SFD stated.
"Wait, no that's not my..." He realized that it had become his battlecry by default.
"And one last thing." Super Fire Dragon explained.  "Remember when you asked me where all the heroes have gone?". "Well, they haven't gone.  They are right here.". SFD said touching his lower right abdomen.
"That's my liver." He answered.
"Where's your heart?" SFD asked.
"Here." He said pointing to his upper chest.
"Then where are your kidneys?" SFD asked.
"Back here." He answered.
"Man, we got to get you to a doctor." SFD panicked.
The End
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This story is continued on SFD Returns.
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To enjoy Red Side I'm thinking you don't need to read the first two, but it couldn't hurt.
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We never do learn his name.

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This story is continued on:
"Where Have All The Heroes Gone: #2 - SFD Returns"

Did I already say that, oh sorry.
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So keep reading
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I always have loved the reluctent hero story.
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Anybody else curious about Jenny Hall?
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Well, Ice Mannix and Jenny Hall are still together.  They are thinking of double-dating with Rare Earth (Melissa) and Marshal Darkness (Marshall).
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"But that's impossible."  Jenny Hall said to her doctor.
"I have examined you, and my findings are sound, but if you want a second opinnion ... "  Her doctor said.
"No.  It isn't that.  I mean I believe you, but we haven't planned this."  Jenny said.
"I suggest that you have a long and serious talk with him regarding your responsibilities."  Her doctor replied.
"You don't understand.  The father of my baby is a superhero."  Jenny Hall said and broke into tears.
"Now, there, there."  Her doctor said while patting her on the back trying to console her.
"A superhero!  Why?  Oh, why?"  Jenny cried.
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Yeah, I called this up and was thinking of Jenny Hall and decided on the ending of "Task Force".
That's how fan fiction goes.
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I hope Ice and Jenny get married.
They make a cute couple.  Ah, young love.  It's so romantic.
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Sign-up for wedding invitations, (not sold in stores).
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Ok, you can't really sign-up for wedding invitations.  Sorry if I confused you or made you anixous or whatever.
You can continue to read these stories, I think Super Spine Wolf is about to do something big.
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Jenny and Ice have set a date, and it is before Jenny's due date.  You really don't want your first born to be the ring-bearer or flower girl at your wedding.
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Jenny is expecting a baby boy.  The choices for the name are:
The Flash
or Bill
George is the dark horse in the race, but Phil could be a possibility.
Nobody is betting on Ice Junior, that would just be wrong.

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Jenny is expecting a baby boy.  The choices for the name are:
The Flash
or Bill
George is the dark horse in the race, but Phil could be a possibility.
Nobody is betting on Ice Junior, that would just be wrong.

Other names that didn't make the cut:
Super Fire Dragon, Enter the Night
Developer 13.2
Fattinator Schrattinator
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Ice Mannix and Jenny Hall had their wedding, at a local lake shore.  Perfectly timed so that their kiss at the end of the ceremony was backlit by the sunset.  It was awesome.  Jenny's dress hid most of her belly, and yes it was white.  Ice wore a silver tuxedo.
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They returned from their honeymoon and moved into Ice Mannix's mother's basement.
Jenny is  :roll: thrilled.
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Jenny gave birth to their son.  Both mother and baby are doing well.  Ice is boring everyone he can find with baby pictures.  If you see him coming, walk the other way.  Seriously, he has pictures for every 5 minutes of the kid's life.  Enough is enough already.
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The baby shows no signs of super-powers yet.  Ice is crushed.  Jenny is thrilled.
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Ice has two jobs, trying to support Jenny, Baby and himself.  No time for superhero work.
Super Fire Dragon is very happy about that.
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Ice is becoming worried.  He hasn't used his powers in a while.
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Jenny was thinking about Super Fire Dragon.  She misses the action.