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Title: Far Journeys, A planeswalker's tale.
Post by: ryuplaneswalker on June 30, 2014, 12:04:16 AM
On the second floor of the Steel Canyon University, A tallish man in black armor sits at a desk, his black leather trench coat draped across the chair next to him, he sighs at a book which sits in front of him with Dark Blue runes which pulse with magic, he looks down to the first floor through hole in the floor at the crowd of children being organized on the large carpeted area below. "I am not sure about this Roxxanne" He looks from the crowd to a woman sitting at the desk across from him who growls a bit "Ryu...we have been over this, you can not just sit in your little base away from the world while you are not out doing heroics, it raises questions and if you want the super group you started to be able to sustain itself after you are gone you need to start doing PR work."

Ryu Planeswalker, coughs uncomfortably "Roxxanne I am effectively Immortal you know...I shouldn't be" he gets cut off mid sentence by the Woman's glare. The Geomancer, Real name Roxxanne, Hero Name Stone Sister continues to glare as she begins to speak "I am not talking about you dying, sir Planeswalker" Putting a biting emphasis on the Title of Planeswalker. "I know what your kind are like, I have read the books you keep in that Library of yours I am talking about whenever you get bored of Paragon City and move on to somewhere else!"  The azure hue of the planeswalker's grey eyes dim a bit and he frowns looking back to the book. "Not all of us are like that." he says half halfheartedly, knowing that planeswalkers who remain in one spot for very long are incredibly rare, even after the mending, turning all but the few planeswalkers old enough to have discovered some method of alternate immortality from effective near gods..down to nearly normal members of their species.

Roxxanne stands up, straightening her dirt brown tuxedo coat a bit "Besides, the children are all down there who want to hear your epic origin story., you are not going to disappoint the children are you" Ryu shrugs for a moment "Fine..fine" He says standing himself and taking his coat from the empty chair beside him and putting it on. As Ryu picks up his book, a slight clacking of Heels on wood begins to echo up the steps as Cindy, the other half of the Elemental Sisters pair pokes her head up from the stairwell between the wooden poles of the railing "Everything is set up." She smiles at Ryu's frown "Aww is someone Sulking, am I going to have to make good on my promise to set your books in fire?" she teases as Ryu's frown deepens as he heads toward the stairs.

Going down Ryu looks over the children, some of them smile up at him excitedly as he walks to the Podium that had been set up for him. Looking over the assembled group, Ryu notices a few heroes standing about as well, he looks up and gives a dirty look to the Sisters who are watching from above "They could have not spread the word to other heroes." he mutters to himself before setting the book in front of him and taking a breath.

"I am Ryu, I am a Planeswalker, I founded the Super Hero Group known as The Knights of the Shadow Blade, Thank you children for coming to the story of How I got here..to Paragon City"

(End Part 1)
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Post by: ryuplaneswalker on July 03, 2014, 11:10:00 PM
Ryu looks around the crowd of smiling children and coughs, taking a sip of water that had been set on his podium at his request "Now before you understand what a Planeswalker is, and was many years ago, You need a quick lesson on Planes." Ryu opens the enchanted tome in front of him, the books enchantment causing a light blue globe appear above his head, glowing enough for everyone to see, the Globe is of Earth, with a large star on the location of Paragon City. "This is your world, as many of you know" Ryu waves his hand and the image shifts to an array of 4 globes, 1 on the left, 3 on the right a line connecting the left one to each of the others "Some of you are aware of Prateoria, the Rikti homeworld, and the other timelines that exist where a different choice was made, enough of a choice to alter the course of fate and change the entire world, you also know of the other planets and galaxies of the universe" Ryu shifts the image to that of a galaxy "Now, there are other universes, with their own timelines, These are what I refer to as planes,  separated by Blind Eternities a place of pure chaotic energy. Now normally going from Plane to Plane is fairly Difficult, the original Planeswalkers were greater than even Incarnates, We were Immortal, nearly unkillable and could level entire worlds with a wave of our hand. Now..not so much, we are mostly just whatever we once were as mortals, just with the ability to hop from plane to plane with a thought, how that happened will be covered later" Ryu smiles "Questions"

((Yes if there are any questions do ask them in or out of character at this point, Planeswalkers are sorta difficult to explain))
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((I apologize for the lack of posting in this, the past month or so I have been working a good many extra hours so I haven't had the time/energy, however the busy season is passing so I will have some more time, I should have a post ready to edit into this tonight though))
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Time passed, and the world changed. The Orcs established a new Horde, based on the foundations of Shamanism and taking in those who had no other home, Contact with a new race of Elves was made on a newly discovered western continent.

Over a decade later, The Lich King who had been waiting in northrend, building his forces began his final advance on the forces of the living, part of his plan to complete total victory was to assault the Chapel of Light's hope, a base of sorts for a coalition of paladins who were dedicated to fighting the scourge. To perform this task he gathered the corpses of heroes that had been a thorn to his hand and raised them as specialized shock forces that shared spells and abilities with the Lich King himself, naming them Death Knights. I was one of those risen my corpse preserved by the endless winters in Northrend.
Death Knights were highly specialized in terms of undead, we were not just risen from the grave. Instead a part of our souls were infused into our weapons, named Runeblades which allowed us to mix swordplay and dark sorcery, Much like the Praetorian Infernal, granting us powers of Vampirism, High Level Frostmancy, Necromancy and control over diseases, I myself leaned towards the Shadow Magic and Necromancy It was something  that even under the control of The Lich King I felt was something I was meant for.

Once we were trained, equipped and ready for battle, we were unleashed on Light's Dawn, 10,000 Death Knight Lead undead..vs 300 defenders of the light.
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The Forces of the living went north, a somewhat united front against the forces of the undead, I was stationed in a part of the continent known as the dragon blight, assisting the dragons of Azeroth in preventing the scourge from excavating and raising the fossilized skeleton of an ancient dragon known as Galkrond, which had been considered the most powerful dragon during the primordial age of Azeroth.

The draconic people of Azeroth were some of the oldest sentient beings of the land going back to a time before any other races had been born, mostly living in seclusion away from the other races, however in the recent decades they had been forced into closer relations with the mortal races, the dragonblight was not only the place that Galkrond was laid to rest but it was the location of the meeting place of the 5 leaders of the dragon peoples, one from each color so they had a specific interest in preventing one of the most dangerous dragons to have ever existed from being raised from the grave near one of their holy sites, The dragons worked with everyone who was working to fight the scourge including the small force of Death Knights which helped to patrol the area.

I often worked with a group of bronze dragons, who due to being versed in magic of time were not quite as attached to the sanctity of life quite as much as other dragons, they often attempted to befriend our kind, even asking if we wanted to stay at the Wyrmrest temple when the harsh blizzards of winters in the north came calling, we had never taken their offers preferring to be separate from the living, until one snowstorm forced me into staying at the temple for several days, out of bordem I accepted an offer from some of the dragons to sit with them and share some warm tea with them. They treated me as they treated anyone else who had sat with them, offering food, and tea. As an Undead I technically did not need to eat, however I could still taste and using nutrients from food was less intensive than it was to sustain my body on pure shadow magics, it was the first time since I had been risen that I had actually done something normal.

I went back when I could, volunteering to deliver messages to the Accord, coming to realize that it was not what I was that mattered, but who I chose to be, I spent several nights with the Dragons learning of the things I had missed while I was dead,  as well as teaching me the flute and how to tell stories like a bard.
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Icecrown Fell, The Scourge were Defeated and the war was won..so the Death Knights gathered. The Highlord declared that the Knights of the Ebon Blade would stay in Northrend because there was no place for us still.

I disagreed, so I left the order, returning to Wyrmwrest to stay until a bronze dragon named Chromie told me that I was meant to do something more than to sit around the temple and mope, she told me to explore the new world and find where I was meant to be in it, and so I did for months, going from place to place in the new continent of Kalimdoor, using my singing to pay for room and food doing some slight mercenary work in villages that were under assault from bandits, but generally preferring to avoid violence if I could which was generally easy the first few months, until a Dragon named Deathwing used his vast magical prowess to sunder the continents, sending everything into chaos. Banditry and famine increased and I was compelled to take more jobs involving fighting against those who would take advantage to others in the aftermath.
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A side effect of the Cataclysm was that the mists of the southern seas began to dissipate, and a new continent was discovered, immediately I signed on with as an independent contractor to the Alliance in order to see this new unknown land.

I immediately felt at home, the land was still and peaceful but still full of energy and the Panderan people were welcoming in ways that even the friendliest of other folk were not, especially towards Death Knights, The Panderan people had never known the Lich King's scourge so they did not inherently hate or fear me, I traveled the land, visiting their farmsteads in the lush valleys, and helping with the celebration of a new batch of Ale being brewed. I aided the small villages who were under assault from barbarians known as Yongoul, large Minotaur people who worshiped the Fire God Ordos, Explored the mountains and the villages, and spent time in the large tract of farmland called the valley of the four winds, helping in the farms doing physical labor. Even in the times of strife that had come the people of Panderia were relaxed and friendly.

In time the Alliance and Horde began to claim territory, the cold war between the two factions turning warmer and warmer as the Leader of the Horde, an Orc named Garrosh became more and more obessed with Elementals found in Panderia named Sha, beings created out of negative emotions, which the Last Emperor of Panderia had sealed away and had recently become unsealed due to the actions of both Alliance and Horde.
In time I found my way to be guarding the Alliance base located in the center of the continent, a place called the Vale of eternal spring, considered a holy site to the Panderan people, We fended off attacks by the Mogu people, a race of blood mages who had the ability to possess statues, thus making them somewhat Immortal, The Panderan feared the Mogu, as the Mogu were in an age long past brutal dictators who enslaved the other sentient races of the continent. Eventually the Mogu attacks became bad enough that the 4 Celestials, the gaurdian spirits of Panderia had to personally interviene, assisting The Panderan, the Horde and the Alliance to fight off the invaders.

After that, I met Cyliory, and many things changed probably the biggest change since I had been transformed into a death knight.
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To say the least Cyliory was not happy with this turn of events, she had no real love of the Horde, as the orcs and blood elves did not exactly treat the Draenei well in the past few decades, it nearly split  us apart, however we managed to come to an agreement that was acceptable for both of us, as I wanted to pay the Elves back for helping me in life, and I had always felt more connection with the peoples of the Horde than the peoples of the Alliance, as I understood how the Horde peoples felt, most of them had lost their homelands at one time or another, as I had when Lordareon fell to the Scourge.

We eventually managed to come to a compromise, where we went through the portal with the horde, and a group of mercenaries paid for out of our own pockets as a personal guard with our adopted family, and established an outpost in the mountainous regions in the southern part of the continent to fight the Iron Horde, a group of Orcs that was formed in an alternate timeline by the Orc Supremist Garrosh Hellscream, much like how Requiem went back to build an army from the Cimoreans.
We named the keep Blackfang, as I had ended up being given a banner that was the face of a large black cloud serpent which I had been using as a mount when I needed to fly somewhere.
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More time passed, the Iron Horde fell, and we returned to Azeroth, leaving those we trusted in charge of what were more or less my new Lands in the alternate timeline of Draenor, our oldest child, Leon who we had adopted very long ago at this point had come into manhood and married his first love, a Panderan Girl named Lei, the two went off and had adventures of their own, I continued to serve the Horde, and the other children grew and lived their lives, not much of true note occurred, the average mortal life in a world constantly in danger from some God, Demon, or Insane Madman wanting power.

It was not until the last battle with a Demon Army, known as Burning Legion the same Demonic army who had created the scourge that had destroyed the lands I grew up in decades ago, a Demonic army that chased Cyliory's people across the Multiverse itself for thousands of years, those same demons assulted Azeroth, It was the final battle for the fate of the World I had grown up on, The Alliance and Horde working together with the Dragons, The Panderan, The Demi-gods that walked Azeroth, and I helped to Lead the Horde Forces in the Jade forest, In my time there I had effectively brought the Village of Shri-La into the horde proper, We faced Gigantic Pit Lords, Succubi who enchanted Men and Women alike, Fel Hounds, and Undead Legions much like the ones before.

Late into the war the Legion advanced hard, pushing to the last lines of Defenses that we had around Shri-la, to the point where I had to order the Evacuation of the Village in a retreat to take us deeper inland to a place that would be more defensible, It was in defending the Civillains as they evacuated that I ascended to True Planeswalkerhood, as well as lost the only true home I had ever known.

Cyliory and I were in the flanking guard of the Refugees, making sure that the lines were secure from an assault when it came, Warlocks, Bat Winged Demons known as Nazeriem, and Undead Dragons Raised from the Corpses of the Dragons who fell in Defense of Azeroth assaulting all at once, I commanded the Villagers to run, splitting the guard into 3, one to keep up with the healthy who could run on their own, those who would ride with the Wagons that were carrying the Old, the Sick and the Young, as well as families who did not want to be separated, and those of us who would hold the line, buying as much time for the others as we fell back bit by bit.
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My second Death, my Ascension into what most people would consider god-hood came at the hands of an Undead dragon, it's bones burning with Emerald Green Flames, The lines were collapsing quickly under the onslaught of demons, even the Dragons who had come to our aid could not help to stem the assault, I had called a retreat to the next defensive line, we had not stalled enough for all the civilians to evacuate fully as of yet, one of the children had been separated from their family.

Cyliory being the healer she is at heart, went to the child, however the child's cries drew the attention of something else, one of the Fel Wyrms, dragons killed by the Legion and raised using Demonic Blood, the beast reared back to blash Cyliory and the Child, and then I was there, between the Wyrm and the pair. My first instinct was to use the anti-magical abilities Death Knights are trained in, creating a bubble of protection from the magical breath weapon, however the intensity of the breath attack was too much for a single person to hold off, and the bubble began to fail. I put everything I had into the spell, trying to force it into staying up, including The Spark which had remained dormant within me for both my life and unlife, I reached out with my awakening Spark, and walked both myself and the wyrm to another plane, where my spark ignited fully, leveling the jungle that we had appeared in for miles, as the awakening of an old Planeswalker's spark was often a violent event.
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I searched for the bones of the victims of my ascension, gathered them as best I could and constructed a mausoleum for them by hand, I could have used my new magics to rip the stone from the ground, shape it a thought to the exact way I despired but when I started..it did not feel right to do it that way, so I did it by hand, digging the stone and using my planeswalker shapeshifting to shift into a dragon to carry the stones, using the draconic claws to shape them, and inter each of the bodies into their own grave.

When the task was done, I gathered the remnants of my runeblade, created a sack for me to carry the shards in, and planeswalked back to Azeroth.
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I returned to Panderia, after several years of searching for the plane that Azeroth was on, and found changes, Shri La was a full town, rebuilt after the legion war, including a monument for those who fought to defend the Village, and my own grave, I found out that I had been declared dead and everyone had mourned my loss, so I left again, not wanting to dredge up feelings that had been put to rest decades ago.

I planeswalked to several planes, learning the extents of my new magics, drawing mana from the land, I met others like myself, gained friends among them, earned enemies. Even encountering Leshrac the Nightwalker, a Self Styled Demonic Planeswalker and dueling him to a standstill on Mercadia.

It was several thousand years later before I resided in a plane for more than a few decades, when the Ghost Rift of Ravnica was sealed and I stepped on the city plane, finding it's semblance of a true balance between all five colors of mana to be intriguing, I decided to live there for a time taking forms that would allow me to learn the ways of Ravnica's guildpact.
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Now before I continue any further, the style of magics I use is based off a system of 5 colors of mana, drawn from the changes in landmasses over thousands of years, such as winds eroding mountains down into rolling plains, or an earthquake shifting a river just enough for a fetid swamp to dry out enough for a forest to grow, and accessed by memories of places one has attachments too, deep memories of it, usually these energies can be conflicted with each other, Swamps full of Rot and shadow do not tend to mix with plains that receive enough sunlight to grow crops.

This is why Ravnica was an oddity among places, the peoples of the plane were split into 10 groups, called guilds, that used two colors of the five, so as a young..only a thousand years old at this point, planes-walker I decided to st ay, and learn how my innate black mana nature worked, I took the guise of a mortal, a young man and found a mentor in each guild, spending a human lifespan pretending to not be all powerful learning the ways that the guild mages used their magic, I began with the Dimir who were spies and assassins. So secretive that some considered them a myth.

They were mages of the mind and stealth, using their dark arts to drain memories from those of importance, I learned from them that even with my near godlike powers, Knowledge was even more powerful, a normal mage with the right knowledge could take down a planeswalker.
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((I apologize for the lack of posts, but apparently the Ravnica part of my backstory got kneecapped by a little bit of new lore about Ravnica being locked off by old planeswalkers, so I have had to go back and redo all my notes I should be starting things up again..i will have to edit or delete a good many posts))