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Re: City of Heroes Forums (and a guide!)
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Man...I remember going over that guide so much when I was working on my Warshade. And of course the inputs that I gave during the process that seemed to have helped the guide. To this day, I still think my Human-Only Warshade was one of my favorite characters, and this guide really was a solid basis for what I built it as. So with that in mind, I'll thank you once more AlienOne, for having created this awesome guide.

Thanks! I really appreciate that. It's always awesome to hear when I've actually helped someone (as well as received help on making the guide better--thanks for that!)... In my opinion, that's the entire reason I stuck with that game for so long. The people who were so helpful to me when I first started out as a "n00b" asking so many questions pulled me in, and the constant experimenting with builds and helping others is why I stayed. To me, it was all about the community.

In fact, I met a husband and wife and their four kids who played as a family, and I used to jump on Skype with them nearly every night to play. That same family took me in for nearly a year when I lost my job during the economic downturn of 2008-2009 and helped me find another job. Yet another friend I met through City of Heroes who lived in another country gave me the money I needed to start the process of finishing my Bachelor's degree. I still talk to him on a daily basis to this day.

There is NO other game I've ever played (and I've played hundreds of them) I can say that about. The community in City of Heroes was just PHENOMINAL.
"What COH did was to show [developers of other] MMOs what they could be like if they gave up on controlling everything in the game, and just made it something great to play."  - Johnny Joy Bringer