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Re: A favorite memory.
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Another favorite memory - Again back, in CoH infancy, my Electric/Electric Blaster was being sidekicked and I was in Peregrine Island.  It was pretty late at night and there weren't too many others on at the time.  I was over in the area where the Arena is now located.  The building that is now called the "Exchange Bank of Paragon City" has a brick wall that runs along the left side of the bank, all along the rear, and back up the right side.  There must have been some type of spawning glitch happening because in between that left wall and the bank there were literally at least 100 Rikti of various ranks.  They were so crammed in that they could barely move.  The hero that was sidekicking me told me to stay out of range and he would test them out.  He was beaten several times but the hospital was around the corner so he would come right back an continue on.

Weeks later, when I reached level 32 and got Thunderous Blast.  I realized how awesome it would have been to use that power then.  It was like a ready made herding mission.
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