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Base Editors
« on: December 04, 2012, 12:33:37 PM »
     I've started this thread to recognize the dedication and skill of the many Base Editors.
 My daughter for example has been editing our bases on different servers since she was 13, she is nearly 18 now. The dedication to the minutest detail and the tediousness required. It blows my mind that she is just one of so many. Those who create what many people take for granted.
    She would visit other bases, especially if we got a new coalition. She's looking with the eye of a base editor, not as your everyday player.  Many times I've seen how she marvels at others creations.  She would say dad, check this out, it's so cool. A great thing about COH, I never saw jealousy. Just a appreciation of someones character and ability to play.  I gather this was with base editors.  Even if they can produce brilliant bases themselves. They still marvel at what others have done. One room in our Freedom Vills base, I know had over 4,000 pieces, maybe far more. I've seen some amazing artistry  done by those gifted at editing bases, posted or personally visited.
     So gratz to all those master base editors.  Thanks for the memories.  Cheers. ;D