Author Topic: Happening in 25 minutes on Virtue server!!! You JUST might make it if you hurry  (Read 1452 times)


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Crazy event happening tonight on Virtue, blueside, btw...just for the zaniness of it:


The Justice Girls, Virtue's premier all-female super group, want to know if you're tough enough to take on the craziest race in Paragon City -- The RANDOM STEEL CANYON BORDER RUN. It's a test for the brave and the bold -- make one lap around the edge of Steel Canyon ***with a level one toon*** [Cliff's notes: MAKE A NEW LEVEL ONE TOON if you don't have one!] using only sprint power and your wiles to survive. No other travel powers will be permitted on the course and violators will be immediately disqualified. The race will begin in front of the Steel Canyon hospital which means if you die on the course, you come right back to where you started.

Admission to the race requires ***a costume created by using the ever-interesting random button***, which means that looks will be interesting to say the least. There will be a costume contest with judges camped out along the course so you can stop and show off or run by and take your chances.

Why take part in this madness? For the prizes, of course. The winner of the race will receive five-hundred million in cold, hard influence to go along with their bragging rights. Second place will receive two-hundred million influence, third place will receive one-hundred million influence, and another one-hundred million influence will go to the winner of the costume contest. Random bonus prizes will also be rewarded to those who are first through the checkpoints. Music will be provided by Radio Paragon (

DATE: Saturday, October 6.

TIME: 8-11 p.m. EST (1 hr earlier for Central/Chicago/Texas and all in between, 2 hrs earlier for Mountain/Denver/Phoenix and "other", and 3 hrs earlier for Pacific/West Coasters)  That's in 25 minutes. ;)

LOCATION: Hospital at Steel Canyon.

CONTESTS/COMPETITIONS: There's a race, a costume contest, trivia and general hilarity that comes with the challenge of running a level one toon in a neighborhood they have no business being in.


That is all. :) Hope you see some or many of you there!!!

- Me, aka @Sunlover
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