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Stopping by...
« on: October 03, 2012, 07:41:56 PM »
Good morning.

I know, I know, probably nobody has any idea who I am.  Should introduce myself.

I am Chaos Orderly, The Willful Wanderer- or more Paragonally-oriented, I am Uldi Skadisdottir, Lyryll Shiroi, Mistaradrax, Megaton Impact, Terrafissa, Celeste Ekshi, Hard Pill, Terminal Fracture, Indigo Drift, Pyra Star, Soaring Heart, Amphisbaena, Elli Gujar, Nyanshi Goto, and Sarai Smythe.  Plenty of others I've been as well, but those are the ones who I've met the most people as.

I love what's going on here- all the ideas, all the plans- even the fallback ones.  I know I haven't been in Paragon much lately, and that's been as much because of my situation as anything else.  I'd love to offer lots of time and effort in support- especially since I was hoping, once through my current set of crises, to return to Paragon on an at least semi-regular basis.  Finding out it was just flat going away was really sad for me.

Unfortunately, I -am- going through a current set of crises, so I have limited time offerings to make.  I do intend to stop by these forums every now and again for the time being, and keep an ear on what's going on.

Mostly I just wanted to thank everyone here for going to the trouble for what has long been my favorite of all the MMORPGs I've played- and I have actually played quite a few.

So... yeah.  Kudos to all of you, and best hope.