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Re: Hope.
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Thanks for posting this.  It's a good testament to what we have the power to do and what we can accomplish.


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Re: Hope.
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I'm having trouble posting a response directly on the official board, but here's what I was trying to say:

Quote from: Golden Girl;4384024
Just so you know, no matter what NCSoft does to try and kill CoH, there will be a player funded and run attempt to create some kind of online superhero experience, even if it just starts off as a shared virtual space for avatars and a chat program.

I laughed so loud at this that I got funny looks from people around me. (I'm in the student lounge between classes.)

I love the idea, but it sounds eerily similar to how Kevin Smith described what a super hero movie would be like if he wrote and directed it.  I believe it was in "Too Fat For 40," but I could be wrong.  Basically, he describes Green Hornet and Kato leaning on the Black Beauty, smoking and talking.  Some bad guy "shows up" off-screen, so they go take care of it, again off-screen, and come back to their cigarettes. "So, where were we?"

Personally, I would watch that.
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Re: Hope.
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I would watch the everliving heck out of that.